Concept Context Contestation Hanoi: art and the collective in Southeast Asia


From the Goethe -Institut: The Bangkok Art and Culture Center shows contemporary art from Southeast Asia at the Goethe-Institut. Exhibition 18. – 30.06.2015 Every day from 9 am – 7 pm Goethe- Institut Hanoi +84 4 37342251 - 14 With the exhibition Concept Context Contestation the Goethe -Institut in collaboration with the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) is presenting contemporary art from Southeast Asia. Initiated by three curators from Singapore, Indonesia and … [Read more...]

Carton-made Venuses by Vu Dan Tan

VietNamNet Bridge - Unique works by late artist Vu Dan Tan and artist Nguyen Nghia Cuong, which have never appeared in Vietnam, are now on display in Hanoi. The two artists used the same material - cardboard boxes - but they, with different thoughts and different methods, have brought about different perspectives on the same topic "Venus in Vietnam". The exhibition is held at the Goethe Institute, Hanoi. A carton-made Venus by Vu Dan Tan. Vietnamese art lovers know Vu Dan Tan - the only … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Venus in Vietnam”

Opening: Wed 03 Oct, 6 pm Art Conversation: Fri 05 Oct, 6.30 pm Exhibition: 04 – 14 Oct 2012, 9 am – 7 pm Goethe Institut 56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học Ba Đình, Hà Nội Installation and sculptural work by Vu Dan Tan and recent pieces by Nguyen Nghia Cuong focus on female iconography and sexuality. The exhibition compares and contrasts the works of two Hanoi artists a generation apart. This year marks the third anniversary of Vu Dan Tan’s death. In honor of this extraordinary artist, who is … [Read more...]

The Awakening of Hanoi [Part 2]

Vu Dan Tan

By JENNIFER CONLIN Published: February 18, 2007 “We were the first private art gallery to open after doi moi,” she said referring to the Communist government's decision in 1986 to allow foreign trade and private ownership. A poet's daughter who grew up around artists — many of whom painted her portrait as a child — Mai opened her original gallery in 1993 with the help of her parents. “Previously, every gallery was state owned, and Vietnamese contemporary art was anonymous to the rest of … [Read more...]

East and West Bridge

Friends No. 1 (80x60 cm) Tempera

I started to paint when I was 6 years old. At the age of 10, every year, I spent 3 months of my summer holiday in my uncle Nguyen Tien Chung's house, in Tay-Ho village, a small village in the north of Hanoi near West-lake. Nguyen Tien Chung was a well-known painter in Vietnam and he was a teacher at Vietnamese Fine-Art School in Hanoi. My uncle was the first person showing me the beauty of art. Thanks to him, I fell deep in love with Vietnamese folk arts, especially the architect structure, and … [Read more...]

Contemporary Artists – Efforts to Build and Affirm a Novel Spirit for the New Artistic Tradition

Nguyen Trung Grey Composition, Mixed 100cm x 100cm

By Nguyen Xuan Tiep Vietnamese plastic arts enjoy a time-honored tradition. Their most prominent achievements are the famous wooden statues and engravings in communal houses, pagodas, royal tombs, shrines and temples of Northern Vietnam dating back over millennia. There were also the diverse, multi-faceted arts including the well-known, brightly colored Lang Ho and Hang Trong folk paintings (Ha Bac, Hanoi); the Champa architecture which spread from Quang Tri to Binh Dinh Province and whose … [Read more...]

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