Event: Vietnam – Malaysia – Thailand Watercolor Art Exchange Exhibition

You are cordially invited to the art exhibition VIETNAM – MALAYSIA – THAILAND. This is the first water color exhibition ever takes place in Vietnam for artists from those 3 countries. From Vietnam , we have artists: Phan Cẩm Thượng, Doãn Hoàng Lâm, Vương Văn Thạo, Hà Mạnh Thắng, Phạm Huy Thông, Đoàn Xuân Tặng, Vũ Phạm Trường Minh, Ngô Quang Dương, Lưu Bảo Trung, Bùi Duy Kh ánh, Trương Văn Ngọc. From Thailand , there are 2 artists: Direk Kingnok , Suwit Jaipom . And there is 9 other artist … [Read more...]

Event: Exhibition “A Trip” by Tran Trong Tri

You are invited to the first solo exhibition titled “ A Trip ” by Tran Trong Tri . The exhibition features his sculptural works in experimental forms and techniques. The experience in art has contributed to his self-discovery journey. Opening: Mon 23 Mar 2015 , 5 pm Art talk: Wed 25 Mar 2015 , 2 pm Exhibition: 23 Mar – 29 Mar 2015 Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St . Hanoi The artist stated: “The thing that I consider, the figure that I dedicate … [Read more...]

Event : Group Exhibition “Mùi Tết” ( Taste of Tet )

You are invited to the group exhibition "MÙI TẾT" (TASTE OF TET) inspired by the GOAT on the occasion of Tet Holiday featuring paper paintings, paper statues, bend bronze reliefs and ceramic sculptures by artists: Nguyen Van Chung, Thai Nhat Minh, Ha Huy Muoi, Nguyen Viet Thang. Opening: Sun 08 Feb 2015, 4.30 pm Exhibition: 08 Feb - 08 Mar 2015, 10 am - 7.30 pm Hang Da Galleria 1 Hang Da Str, Hanoi Nguyen Van Chung was born in 1973 in Hanoi, graduated from Hanoi University of Industrial … [Read more...]

Event: Exhibition “Returning Day 1″

Opening: Sun 08 Feb 2015, 5 pm Exhibition: 08 - 12 Feb 2015 Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. Hanoi You are invited to a group exhibition titled "Returning Day 1″, which features 53 artworks by 7 painters and sculptors with different approaches in art. Artist Line-up: - Pham Ha Hai (1974) - Tran Manh Hung (1977) - Tran Ngoc Hung (1983) - Le Quoc Huy (1968) - Nguyen Anh Nguyet (1960) - Nguyen Khac Quan (1962) - Nguyen Xuan Tiep (1956) … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Dan – Movements”

Opening: Sun 01 Feb 2015, 4.30 - 6 pm Exhibition: 01 - 05 Feb 2015 Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str, Hanoi At the age of thirty three, Nguyen Duc Dan is confident enough to launch his first solo lacquer exhibition with 55 artworks created in the last three years. Born in a delta district (My Duc, Ha Tay), Nguyen Duc Dan pursues lacquer art career only with his own passion. In 2002, Nguyen Duc Dan started learning lacquer paiting in Traditional Fine Art Deparment, Hanoi University … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Modern Arts”

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day (10 Oct 1954 - 10 Oct 2014), Vietnam Fine Arts Museum proudly presents exhibition "Modern Arts" by various famous artists. Opening: Thu 09 Oct 2014, 10 am Exhibition: 09 Oct 2014 - 09 Oct 2015 (expected) Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi 28 artworks will be featured in this event (Oil painting: 15; Lacquer Painting: 01; Silk Painting: 02; Paper Painting: 04; Synthetic Material: 01; Sculpture: 05). Within limited … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Once upon a Time in Nam Định” in Hanoi

You are invited to a piece of solo exhibition of painter Tran Trung Kỳ named "Once upon a time in Nam Định". Opening: Sat 24 Jan 2015, 5.30 pm Exhibition: 24 - 30 Jan 2015 Blue Gallery 28 Trang Tien, Hanoi The entire life of the artist/ art educator Tran Trung Ky (1939 - 2014) has been a devotion to art and art education. He taught at art and culture school (formerly Ha Nam Ninh province and later Nam Dinh province). After his graduation from Vietnam College of fine arts major in Fine … [Read more...]

Solo Exhibition by Tran Trung Ky “Once upon a Time there was a Southern Citadel”

We are delighted to announce that the solo show of teacher/ artist Tran Trung Ky will be open at 10:30 Saturday on 27 December 2014 at Nam Dinh Museum, Nam Dinh City. On behalf of the artist's family and friends, the organizers cordially invite friends, colleagues, relatives, alumni as well as all the art lovers who have known or worked with Tran Trung Ky to attend this event. Opening: Sat 27 Dec 2014, 10.30 am Exhibition: 27 Dec 2014 - 02 Jan 2015 Nam Dinh Museum The entire life of the … [Read more...]

Event: Exhibition “Earth by Fire and Zodiac”

You are invited to ceramics exhibition "Earth by Fire and Zodiac" by artist Nguyen Bao Toan. Opening: Wed 17 Dec 2014, 4.30 pm Exhibition: 17 - 19 Dec 2014 Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str, Hanoi "He has been a unique narrator to relate different narratives for contemporary ceramics for two decades… The universe is joyous. And through the speed of time - the twelve circles of the zodiac bring life's destiny closer into the sacred religious beliefs with the idyllic beauty of … [Read more...]

Event : Installation Exhibition “Identification and Connection”

You are invited to exhibition "Identification and Connection" by artist Dang Thi Khue. According to the artist, the exhibition aims to prove the equal value of the wisdom of past thinking and today innovations; to show how art can find the way to approach the public and to fulfill its role as permanent soul connection. Opening: Sun 26 Oct 2014, 5 pm Exhibition: 26 Oct - 04 Nov 2014 Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. Hanoi Artist Đặng Thị Khuê was born in 1946, graduated from … [Read more...]