Lacquer Paintings


Lacquer paintings are ancient paintings that regained their popularity in the world art scene for the last decade. Vietnam and Burma are two main producers of this distinctive art. The two countries were just recently opened up to tourism and started exhibiting their highly skilled artists. … [Read more...]

A Comparison Between Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese Contemporary Art (3 Jan 2009)


Thavibu Gallery is uniquely positioned to make comparisons between contemporary art from three Southeast Asian countries since the Gallery displays, promotes and sells contemporary paintings from Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. Based on observations during the ten year period 1998 - 2008, we have noticed how the markets for contemporary paintings from the three countries are developing. … [Read more...]

Le Quang Ha: Altered Faces


by Shireen Nazaree … [Read more...]

Thavibu Gallery – Contemporary Art from Thailand, Vietnam and Burma

Thavibu Gallery Co. Ltd. is an Art Gallery for quality paintings. The Gallery's objective is to promote quality art, particularly from Thailand , Vietnam and Burma , hence the name Thavibu Gallery. The emphasis is on young and upcoming artists whose works express and communicate the imaginative aspects of their culture and reflect concerns that range broadly from the spiritual and aesthetic to the social and political. The Gallery also carries some other artworks, mainly from Asian … [Read more...]