Spring paintings of Vietnamese and Korean artists

VietNamNet Bridge – The artists of the two countries have brought to the exhibition "Vietnam – Republic of Korea, the arms of friendship" paintings with bright colors and the spring breath. The exhibition opened on the afternoon of February 21 at the Viet Art Center (42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi). The exhibition includes works by 34 artists, including 20 Korean and 14 Vietnamese artists. In addition to oil paintings on canvas, there are 2D and 3D works and a number of interesting sculptural … [Read more...]

Social vices incorporated in art

Exhibition "Live Slowly" by Dinh Minh Dong and Dang Vu Ha at Viet Art Centre featured 29 art paintings focused on a modern social issue. Dinh Minh Dong and Dang Vu Ha are two young artists with two different art methodologies. However, they together made an effort to reflect a negative side of modern life, that is superficiality, frivolity and material ambition of a part of the youth. Being loyal to Pop Art, Minh Dong delivers the message to audiences through artworks full of colors and … [Read more...]

Event : Roots by painter Nguyen Thi Mai

anh 1

Roots by painter Nguyen Thi Mai Opening : 17.00 on Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012 Exhibition : Dec 11 to Dec 15, 2012 Venue : Viet Art Centre, 42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi You are invited to solo exhibition of unpolished lacquer paintings by Nguyen Thi Mai. After years of trying on various materials such as oil, acrylic, silk,... finally Mai was convinced by the unique technique of lacquer that profoundly stimulated her to dig into the wonderful world of standard lacquer. For the past two years, she has been … [Read more...]

Event : Solo Exhibition by Vuong Tu Lam


Solo Exhibition by Artist Vuong Tu Lam Opening : 6pm Nov 09, 2012 Exhibition : Nov 09 to Nov 14, 2012 Artist Talk: 3pm Nov 10 Venue : Viet Art Centre - 42 Yet Kieu, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi You are invited to the opening of solo exhibition by artist Vuong Tu Lam at Viet Art Centre, 42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi. Vuong Tu Lam has been pursuing minimalist fine art for many years. He studied works by Cezanne, Mondrian and Mark Rothko and realized the contribution of their works on flat surface. From the he … [Read more...]

Painting Exhibition “Cảm” at Viet Art Centre


Opening: Sat 18 Aug, 6pm Exhibition: 18 – 23 Aug 2012 Viet Art Centre 42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi From the organizer: You are invited to a painting exhibition by a group of three young students from Vietnam University of Fine Arts: Nguyen Tien Dung (born in 1990), Le Van Hoan (born in 1988) and Truong Hong Van (born in 1985). … [Read more...]

Artist highlights antique tools as heritage worth preserving


On a visit to the Viet Art Centre, I found myself in a world of household utensils and working instruments from years gone by, but I could not touch or hold any of them. Sketches and pictures of these sometimes primitive implements were hung on the walls, giving me an insight into the diversity and structural difference of these familiar daily devices. The exhibits form part of the drawings and photos extracted from a book titled Van Minh Vat Chat Cua Nguoi Viet (Vietnamese Material … [Read more...]

Viet Art Center

Viet Art Centre was establish by Hanoi University of Fine Art in cooperate with Viet Star advertising and trading company ltd. With the aims to introduce and preserve Viet Nam Cultural Art, also develop and support the modern are of vietnamese and foreigner artist. The Centre opened on July 13, 2006 by artist Dao Vu - Director, advise by an Art council of artist Le Anh Van ( Principle of Hanoi University of Fine Art ), artist Luong Xuan Doan ( vice manager of head department national ideal and … [Read more...]