Ambassador of arts

Nora Annesley Taylor, a Swiss researcher, is known among researchers and art critics of the West, Asia and Vietnam in particular. She has come to Vietnam to research and work since 1990. Her researches focus on Vietnam and Asia ’s contemporary arts. Nora has good command of five languages. She speaks Vietnamese as smoothly as her mother tongue. She used to be an associate professor of humanities and art science at the University of Arizona and now is Southeast Asian art … [Read more...]

Crossing cultural boundaries

from Impressions and Expressions - Vietnamese Contemporary Painting The origin of artistic visual expression in Vietnam, a hybrid like its Southeast Asian neighbours, can be traced back to its 2,500-year-old culture that started in the Neolithic Age and steadily developed until the end of the Iron Age when Chinese invaders entered from the north. By the second century BC, foreign influences started to infiltrate into the Dong Son civilization that is widely believed to have originated in … [Read more...]

Art Communities in Hanoi

BORETH LY[1] However, I think Taylor is one of the few scholars of Southeast Asian art who effectively applies this anthropological approach to looking at and writing about modern and contemporary art of Vietnam. [2] Taylor's book is structured chronologically, and each chapter is devoted to an art-historical case study that addresses significant and current issues such as Orientalists/Occidentalists, arts and political revolution, gender, sexuality, and globalism. Moreover, each chapter is … [Read more...]

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