Vietnam’s unique ceramic products

A Vietnamese ceramic firm has exported luxury ceramic products with patterns painted with pure gold to many countries. Mr. Hao and foreign clients The prices of these Made-in-Vietnam products are several hundred to tens of thousands of US dollars. They are ordered by super-rich people in Middle Eastern countries. The products are expensive because they are crystallized porcelain, mainly jasper, and decorated with patterns painted with pure gold. Specifically, a set of five worshiping items … [Read more...]

Polish painter to be showcased

Art lovers will have the opportunity to contemplate artworks by Polish landscape painter Franciszek Ryszard Mazurek when an exhibit of his pieces opens in Ha Noi next Thursday. Inspiring : A painting by Polish landscape artist Franciszek Ryszard Mazurek on display in Ha Noi. Organised by the Embassy of Poland, the exhibition will showcase 44 of Mazurek's oil-on-canvas paintings featuring the magnificent beauty of the Lublin region in East Poland. … [Read more...]