Art exhibition marks 40 years of national reunification


A painting of late Uncle Ho at the exhibition (Photo: VOV) … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Art Scene – Anthropologist’s View (5 June 01)

Distinguishing Distinctions: How to compare different sets of criteria from Vietnam to France? In what way can we use anthropology to understand the various mechanisms within the thoroughly specialised art worlds, where art historians, politicians, sociologists and philosophers have ruled the ground for so long? Is it possible for us to contribute in the understanding of such an well-analysed institution? My answer is that our method of comparison between different art worlds from different … [Read more...]

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Vietnamese Modern Paintings – The Pioneers

Born in 1910 in Kien An Town, Hai Phong City, and died in 1994 in Hanoi.

By Quang Phong, Quang Viet and H.C. Vietnamismoving forward. The Vietnamese are not only looking ahead to their future, however, but also making an effort to sort out their past. Recently they have come to terms with the origin of their modern art. For many years, this has been a sensitive topic as Vietnamese modern art began as a joint product of French liberalism and Vietnamese traditionalism during a period of brutal French colonialism and strong Vietnamese patriotism. Before doi moi … [Read more...]

Exhibition of leading artists about Hanoi

The Hanoi Opera House by Nguyen The Dung

Famous contemporary painters Le Thiet Cuong and Dao Hai Phong have joined young artists in a painting exhibition about Hanoi at the Trung Nguyen Creative Centre in Hanoi from October 15. … [Read more...]