Exhibition of Vietnam’s biggest expressionist artist opens

VietNamNet Bridge – Exhibition "Optimistic Tragedy" is being held at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, introducing the works by Tran Trung Tin, who is considered the greatest expressionist painter in Vietnam.   Artist Tran Trung Tin.     Tran Trung Tin (1933 - 2008) was an actor, poet and painter. Many people believe that his paintings are not paintings but many others say that Tran Trung Tin is a great painter of Vietnam. Despite the … [Read more...]

Report from Hanoi

Tran Trung Tin, Untitled III 1972, 55cm x 39 cm oil on newspaper, Courtesy Art Vietnam Gallery

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006by Joe Fyfe HANOI-Areas of the city feature numerous art galleries aimed primarily at the tourist business. Hundreds of insipid decorative paintings are for sale. Oddly, there is more than an occasional almost interesting one. Some of the more adventurous Hanoi artists also produce for the commercial painting market. They adapt (read: sweeten) existing traditional genres, such as happy Vietnamese women in traditional garments under palette-knifed foliage or … [Read more...]

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Tran Trung Tin: Paintings and Poems from Vietnam


Tran Trung Tin painted in Hanoi during the 60s and 70s, conveying the experience of the Vietnamese and the essence of human emotion in his images. When he was 12, he joined the Resisitance against the French who were occupying Vietnam at the time, devoting his youth to freeing his country only to be disappointed by the repression and misery that followed. Living in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, forbidden to express himself in words, he turned to painting to communicate the contradictions of his … [Read more...]


Since the mid-1980's, with the new government policy of openness, Vietnamese art has moved into a new phase in which the artists are allowed to have more freedom of creation and exhibition . As resulted, artists from Viet Nam in recent years have become more exploratory and audacious in their work. Today there is a greater sense of self-confidence and a remarked level of creativity observed in the Vietnamese art. The young artists of Viet Nam are actively establishing their name in the … [Read more...]