Event : Exhibition raises environmental issues through artworks in Hanoi

You are invited to the installation exhibition titled "Journey to a Green Vietnam", a collaborated project between curator Tran Luong and talented artists: Nguyen The Son, Phan Thao Nguyen, Luong Hue Trinh, Truong Cong Tung, Tran Tuan. Opening: Mon 10 Nov 2014, 6.30 pm Exhibition: 10 - 16 Nov 2014 Viet Nam University of Fine Arts 42 Yết Kiêu, Hà Nội Among the most emblematic artworks is "8m2″ by artist Nguyen The Son. This synthetic artwork simulates the 8m2 living space of workers in … [Read more...]

Local artist Tran Luong receives 2014 Prince Claus Award

My Tran Artist and curator Tran Luong is one of the laureates together with Principal Prince Claus Laureate winner Abel Rodríguez from Colombia and other artists from India, Peru, Turkey, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia and Nigeria. Tran Luong is honored for his moving artworks that critique repression, emphasize human resilience and empower the individual through personal action and self-reflection as well as for his dedicated energy in developing spaces, initiatives, … [Read more...]

MoCA of the Month

Sàn Art (“sàn” meaning “platform”) is an independent, artist‐initiated contemporary art space and reading room. Though small in scale, it is currently the country’s most active non‐profit arts organization based in Ho Chi Minh City and was founded in 2007 by four Vietnamese visual artists. Sàn Art is a production house, showcase venue and meeting place. As introduction to the project follows a long statement by Sàn Art’s initiators and directors. Sàn Art, Collection Show, November … [Read more...]

Vietnam art scene slowly revives

Posted on BBC News When Vietnamese painter Tran Luong tried to take a group of students to China last year, his aim was to find artistic inspiration. Instead he found censorship, when the culture police confiscated his materials and refused to let him leave Vietnam. He is not the only contemporary artist or writer to fall foul of the ruling Communist Party's strictures. Performance artist Dao Anh Khanh has had several shows cancelled, while prominent young writer Do Hoang Dieu found her … [Read more...]

Vietnamese artists today

The work of these four immensely influential artists laid the essential groundwork for creative change, setting the scene for the work of the new generation which came to the fore during the early 1980s and included Nguyễn Trung (b 1940), Đỗ Sơn (b 1943), Nguyễn Quân (b 1948), Ca Lê Thắng (b 1949), Lê Anh Vân (b 1952), Đào Minh Tri (b 1950), Phan Thị Gia Hương (b 1951), Đặng Thị Khuê (b 1946), Đỗ Thị Ninh (b 1947), Lương Xuân Đoàn (b 1952), Nguyễn Tấn Cương (b 1953), Lê Huy Tiếp (b 1951) and … [Read more...]

Alternate spaces, mainstream problems


  Alternative exhibition spaces are striving to develop in Vietnam 20 years after they first came on the scene   An artist performing his work at the ‘Shaping a Line’ exhibition, opening from July 28 to September 8, at San Art in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo courtesy of SanArt.   Artists are famous, if not notorious, for their need to be free from constraints the others might not even see as constraints.   They need the space to be spontaneous, a space that … [Read more...]

Changing Time

Do Quang Em - Still life on red cloth

Asian Art News, 1997 By Ian Findlay and Helene Hagemans The vitality of the contemporary Vietnamese art scene is being driven not only by clear commercial considerations, but also by artists and dealers committed to creating and promoting quality work. Less than a decade ago, contemporary Vietnamese art and artists had little resence in their own country and virtually none on the international art scene. Yet, just four years ago, the eminent critic and painter Ca Le Thang reported in … [Read more...]

British Council Vietnam to launch Art Fund

The British Council Vietnam will launch an Art Fund to help Vietnamese artists, curators and producers to further their art careers in the international arena.The fund with an initial investment of US$4,200 will be available to artists, curators and producers, whose entry are approved by a high profile board member jury (BCAF).BCAF board includes European Bureau head Nguyen Phuong Hoa, VTV3 reporter My Linh, musician Quoc Trung, art curator Tran Luong, British film maker Paul Zetter and Fund … [Read more...]

Starving the hands that feeds the soul

The sheer number of contemporary art projects in Vietnam in recent years has given many Vietnamese art lovers a false sense of optimism for the country's thriving art market. The buoyant sentiment seems to grow even stronger as alternative spaces, mostly run by artists trying to bring modern artwork to the public attention, have begun to flourish in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in recent years. Met with a chilly reception at first, they are now accepted as a new way to bring modern art closer to the … [Read more...]


http://tadioto.com/ … [Read more...]