New book on Sai Gon – Gia Dinh fine arts introduced


(Cinet)- On September 10, a painter and teacher of fine art, Uyen Huy, published a research book featuring urban fine art found in Sai Gon -formerly Gia Dinh province - from 1900 to 1975. … [Read more...]

Young artist introduces kids to modern art

VietNamNet Bridge - Nguyen Thuy Trang studied arts and media at L'E'cole superieure des Beaux-Arts d'Angers, from where she graduated in 2012. She received an award from the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association in 2010 and took part in the International Mini Textile Exhibition in France in 2012. She talks with Lan Dung about her recent exhibition in Ha Noi. Venetian-inspired masks, photographs and visual art showcased at Carnevale di Venezia (The Carnival of Venice) exhibition from June 13 to 15 … [Read more...]

Art Tradition Emerges from Colonial Past

The Hong Kong Standard, 1998 By Richard Frost The French did little for the Vietnamese people during their 56-year colonial rule, because they never felt there was any gain in the development or education of the country. The major effect of their rule was to harden Vietnamese resolve for independence, the strength of which was displayed against French and American troops during the two wars in Indochina. But this dark colonial legacy contained a spark of light. In the 1920s an art college, … [Read more...]

The Process of Making Lacquer Paintings in Vietnam


Trinh Tuan/Thavibu Gallery (updated March 2003) The technique of using lacquer for handicrafts and decorative items in the household has a long tradition in Vietnam since it was introduced from China centuries ago. The French introduced Western paintings and techniques into the country, in particular after the establishment of the Fine Arts University, École des Beaux Art d'Indochine, in Hanoi in 1925. The traditional lacquer technique, which had earlier been used for handicrafts and … [Read more...]