Lanterns made in Vietnam’s imperial capital find foreign buyers


The Vietnamese traditional lanterns made by artisans in the central city of Hue, which have long been favored by local consumers and international tourists, now light up homes and facilities in several other countries. The bamboo-framed lanterns made of colorful silk used to be of great use to kings of the Nguyen Dynasties (1802 - 1945), the country's last monarchy reign, before ornamenting hotels, restaurants and traditional homes in Vietnam's imperial capital. … [Read more...]

How to Distinguish an Authentic Phái from a Fake

In Viet Nam, there are as yet no art experts trained in a regular academic programme or qualified in this domain. Prospective buyers of paintings of famous Vietnamese artists, especially of Bùi Xuân Phái, can't help getting anxious about deceits - if they fall across a fake? This is in fact a not infrequent occurene in the current art market. Then, how to tell original paintings from copies? This has actually become a real know-how which is based upon some essential elements: experience and … [Read more...]