Art exhibition celebrates Vesak Day

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by 52 well-known artists in HCM City has opened at the city's Fine Arts Association as part of the celebration of Vesak Day, an officially recognised United Nations holiday that celebrates the birth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. HCM CITY (VNS) — An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by 52 well-known artists in HCM City has opened at the city's Fine Arts Association as part of the celebration of Vesak Day, an officially recognised … [Read more...]

Ongoing spring exhibit showcases local, int’l artists

Some 300 works, including traditional art and Buddhist-themed paintings, photos, sculptures and antiques by almost 30 local and foreign artists, are being showcased at an exhibit called “Xuan Dong Phuong” (Oriental spring), which is running in Ho Chi Minh City until Feb 13. Among the art works showcased at the exhibit, which is going on at Pho Quang Pagoda, 64/3 Pho Quang, Tan Binh district, are a number of famous oil and calligraphy paintings and invaluable antiques. Local antique … [Read more...]

Sculptor puts Co Tu culture on world map

Sculptor Ker Tik from the Co Tu ethnic community which has a population of 62,000 and live mainly in the Truong Son range in central Vietnam and in certain neighborhoods of Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, has worked to make his community's culture shine beyond its locality. Thanks to Ker Tik, the world outside are learning more about his community and their culture; t he community worships the Giang (God) and every year, they observe dozens of rituals to pray for good luck, good health and … [Read more...]

Nguyen Ha’s sculptures displayed at Vietnam Fine Art Museum

VietNamNet Bridge - Sculptor Nguyen Nguyen Ha is exhibiting 11 works in the exhibition "Silence" at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. Nguyen Nguyen Ha was born in 1966 into a family with a tradition of visual art. Ha graduated in sculpture from the University of Fine Arts in 1990 but “Silence” is his first solo exhibition. Having little communication with people in the art world, many works by Ha are praised for being creative and making positive influence to the young sculptors. “Silence” … [Read more...]

Son Dong Village: Home of artisans

Foreign visitors to Son Dong Village.

VietNamNet Bridge – Son Dong fine arts village in Hanoi’s outlying Hoai Duc District is known as a dynamic craft village with enduring vitality, where talented artisans breathe fresh air into their products and enthusiastically promote their brand to the world. The village is called a ‘village of artisans’ as it is home to more than 4,000 craftsmen, who earned their living with their skilful hands. Hundreds are young people, between 26 and 40, many of whom own … [Read more...]

Essence of Buddhist artifacts in Da Nang

VietNamNet Bridge - Nearly 150 Buddhist antiques, including paintings, statues, woodblock, worshiping items and musical instruments dating back to the 7th-8th centuries are displayed at the exhibition “The Quintessence of Ancient Vietnamese Buddhist Artifacts”, at Da Nang Museum No. 24 Tran Phu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang city. The event was organized by the Da Nang Museum and the Da Nang Buddhist Shangha as part of celebrating the annual Vu Lan (7th Full Moon) Festival. The artifacts … [Read more...]

Sculpture exhibition ‘Seven’ opens in capital

Sculptors Pham Bao Son, Doan Huu Nga, Tran An, Hoang Mai Hiep, Pham Van Tuan, Luong Trinh and Phan Van Huong will open a joint exhibition called Seven on Sunday at 6pm. The name, which sounds rough like the sculptors' personalities, reflects their passion for art and open-minded manner of approaching it, according to critic Vu Lam. "They were well trained in a professional art environment, and have reached maturity in both their lives and their works," Lam commented. Featuring … [Read more...]

Group exhibition suggesting artists’ creative process for the past 2012

Conventionally, at the beginning of the year, a group exhibition by 12 artists and sculptors was held at Applied Arts, Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts, introducing new Fine Arts and Sculpture works of the group. The 4th exhibition displayed 33 paintings and 12 statues produced on different materials like oil, lacquer, acrylic, metals,... Self experience and positive responses from audiences are the purpose of this annual exhibition. The exhibition ended on January 5, 2013. Attendees … [Read more...]

Event: Sculpture Exhibition “Tree Mutation”

trienlamdieukhac- anduonggarden

Tree Mutation Exhibition : Dec 15 to Jan 15 Venue : An Duong Garden - 55 duong 1, lane 32, An Dương, Tây Hồ, Hanoï From the organizer : An Duong Garden invites you to Tree Mutation, a sculpture exhibition by artists Marion Reynard and Nguyen Ngoc Lam. Marion Reynard uses art foundry as creation tool. Chemical sublimation mixes with sign simplification in her universe. She will present a new sculpture series, conclusion of her two months art residency in Ha Noi. Nguyen Ngoc Lam is a … [Read more...]

Event : Sculpture Exhibition “Hanoi – Saigon”

Opening: Thu 15 Nov, 5 pm Exhibition: 15 – 25 Nov 2012. Talk with artist: Fri 16 Nov, 9 am Exhibition Room, Hanoi University for Culture 418 La Thanh, Dong Da District, Ha Noi You are invited to the sculpture exhibition of 16 artists from both the north and south of Vietnam. This exhibition is organized two times a year and will be held in both the south and north consecutively. The idea to organize such exhibition is to create a platform for art exchange for artists. The first exhibition … [Read more...]