The importance of the local art market


Vietnam's Doi Moi (renovation) painting period in the 90s marked great success in both arts and business. But during that time, no one from the art world thought that there could be a real art market in the country as there were few clients. There are thousands of visual artists, including painters and sculptors, in Vietnam. There's an art museum system, galleries, art collectors, art lovers, and art education. We have all the fundamental conditions but we were not able to connect these … [Read more...]

Dao Hai Phong’s paintings on display in Thailand

Artist Dao Hai Phong.

VietNamNet Bridge - The art exhibition "Gems of Hanoi - a Dao Hai Phong Retrospective" with oil paintings by well-known painter Dao Hai Phong will be held at Thavibu Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand from January 17 to February 15. Regarded as one of Vietnam's most successful painters that emerged after Doi Moi (Renovation), Phong, 45, has exhibited extensively since 1992 in Vietnam as well as abroad. … [Read more...]

Impressions and Expressions – Vietnamese Contemporary Painting

covers the background of contemporary Vietnamese painting and places it in the context of South East Asia. There is a section on how lacquer paintings are made, followed by profiles of fifteen prominent artists written by the Vietnamese art historian and critic Phan Cam Thuong. Many of the artists started their careers during the mid-1980s, and may thus be labeled the doi moi generation, after the Vietnamese term for "renovation" and the process of opening Vietnam to the outside world. Although … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Modern Paintings – The Pioneers

Born in 1910 in Kien An Town, Hai Phong City, and died in 1994 in Hanoi.

By Quang Phong, Quang Viet and H.C. Vietnamismoving forward. The Vietnamese are not only looking ahead to their future, however, but also making an effort to sort out their past. Recently they have come to terms with the origin of their modern art. For many years, this has been a sensitive topic as Vietnamese modern art began as a joint product of French liberalism and Vietnamese traditionalism during a period of brutal French colonialism and strong Vietnamese patriotism. Before doi moi … [Read more...]

The Life of Artists in Vietnam

From "Young Artist of Vietnam", 1996 By The Hanoi Fine Arts Publishing House Over a period of 30 years of peace from 1954 until 1984 - painting was a luxury. The concept, artists, was difficult to reconcile within the working-class professions. Still, graduates from Fine Art schools could find employment with some of the cultural bureaus in the provinces - if they were not at too high expectation. They received the same standard salary as any other official with a high school or university … [Read more...]

A World in Portraits

ASIAN ART NEWS 1998 By Shannon K. Curry … [Read more...]