Art Works by Bui Xuan Phai from the Collection of Van Duong Thanh

Published by Thavibu Gallery, 2006, ISBN 9789749495186 CONTENT Foreword by Jorn MiddelborgBui Xuan Phai - The Artist of Hanoi by Shireen Naziree Remembering Bui Xuan Phai by Van Duong Thanh The Streets of Hanoi Family Portraits of Van Duong Thanh by Van Duong Duc Son Portraits of Friends and Colleagues Other Portraits Nudes Village Life Celebrations About this book: Survey of final years of the brilliant artistic career of one of Vietnam's most renowned painters, drawn from the … [Read more...]

Trinh Tuan – Lacquer Paintings

Published by Thavibu Gallery, 2003, ISBN 9749110390 CONTENT Foreword The Poetic Art of Trinh Tuan by Luong Xuan Doan Lacquered Emotions by Steven PettiforThe Process of Making Lacquer Paintings Plates (32) Chronology About This Book Trinh Tuan is one of the most important lacquer artists in Vietnam today. He uses lacquer as a medium to express emotions. Modern lacquer paintings are unique to Vietnam. Other countries produce lacquer ware, but only in Vietnam has the synthesis of … [Read more...]

Dinh Quan – Lacquer Paintings

at Thavibu Gallery. It features works from 1994 to 2004, English text, hard cover, 26 x 26 cm, 72 pages, including 44 colour plates It also includes a DVD/VCD showing Dinh Quan at work Published by Thavibu Gallery, 2004, ISBN 974920662CONTENT Foreword The Colour of Light by Shireen Naziree A Third Generation Lacquer Artist by Jasdeep Sandhu Self-salvation by Thai Ba Van Our Mind by Luong Xuan Doan Dinh Quan's Lacquer Art by Bang Sy TrucVietnamese Lacquer Art Plates … [Read more...]

Cong Kim Hoa – Lacquer Paintings

Published by Thavibu Gallery , 2006, ISBN 9789749468371 CONTENT Foreword by Phan Cam Thuong Cong Kim Hoa - Poetic Pictures Past Passages The Colours Between the Lines Poetic Pictures Vietnamese Lacquer Art by Trinh Tuan Plates (50) Acknowledgements Chronology Cong Kim Hoa was born in Hanoi in 1962 and graduated from the Hanoi Industrial College of Fine Art in 1985. She is one of the few female artists who made lacquer painting their medium. Hoa specialises in … [Read more...]

Pham An Hai – Expressions & Abstractions

Pham An  Hai expression and abstract

Pham An Hai draws his inspiration from the city of his birth (in 1967)--Hanoi, its streets, its old architecture and its buildings, each with their individual character. These cityscapes evoke images of the artist's beloved home town in various seasons or times of the day, in winter or in the red light of the evening sun. Sometimes there is a tranquil, romantic edge to his works. On that level, Pham An Hai's cityscapes often simulate inner landscapes, landscapes of people, of their hearts and … [Read more...]