Color of south on show downtown

More than 130 artworks from six established artists are being displayed at HCMC Fine Arts Museum until Monday, featuring a feast of colors on daily life in the exhibition The Color of the South. The artists are Duong Sen, Le Xuan Chieu, Luong Khanh Toan and Nguyen Dang Khoat  who are all aged between 57 and 64, were born in northern Vietnam and later moved to the southern hub and Ho Minh Quan (1961), from Hue City and Nguyen Dam Thuy (1967), the youngest and only woman in the group, from the … [Read more...]

Book: Bui Chi Paintings

Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$50.00 Description: This new book, about Vietnam’s best known artist from the Central city of Hue, is a great testimony to the artists’ talent and political inclination. Bui Chi graduated as a lawyer and was a political activist who was imprisoned during the war. His obsession was with time, space, life and death. Excellent selection of drawings and oil paintings, accompanied by many articles. Published in 2003 by Tre Publishing House, VN. 130 … [Read more...]

Cleaning an oil painting by Bui Xuan Phai


by Bettina Ebert May 20, 2011   Phố Hàng Cá (‘Fish Street’) was painted in 1962 by Bùi Xuân Phái (1920-88), a Hanoi artist who became one of Vietnam’s best-known painters for his depictions of the old streets of the city.   On this painting from Witness Collection, oil paint was applied on the textured side of a hardboard panel. This cross-hatched texture, with many small indentations, is characteristic of the reverse of many different types of hardboard panels. No … [Read more...]

Tạ Tỵ’s Cubist masterpiece completed

by Bettina Ebert Aug 08, 2012 About a year ago, I reported on the cleaning of a cubist masterpiece by Tạ Tỵ. The painting The Guitar was covered in a large amount of overpaint, which took a long time to remove. It was only after overpaint and dirt removal that the full extent of damage and paint loss was visible. It was obvious that while the painting was damaged in some areas, with localised loss of the original paint, a lot of the overpaint had actually covered original paint that … [Read more...]

Uncovering a cubist masterpiece

by Bettina Ebert May 24, 2011 The Guitar is a cubist oil painting on canvas. It was painted by Tạ Tỵ in 1957, and was purchased by Witness Collection at auction in France in 2009. Prior to entering the collection, the painting had undergone extensive restoration. Tạ Tỵ (1922-2004) is known as Vietnam’s leading proponent of cubism and abstraction. Large areas of the painting were covered in unsightly overpaint which was not suitably colour-matched to the surrounding original paint. In … [Read more...]

Vietnam Art – The Complex Minimalism Of Le Thiet Cuong

Catholic Church in Hanoi, oil on canvas, W 72cm x H 48cm

By: Jim Olivero Seeing paintings by Le Thiet Cuong at "Like a Nil" exhibition, many may think that it is very easy to copy his paintings, but that's just a joke, the way to Le Thiet Cuong's irreducibility is anything but simple. In art, people often love complicated techniques and many lose themselves in that maze of complication their whole life. Only some can escape from the maze to define their own language of creativeness and most of them choose simplicity. This simplicity may be … [Read more...]

Ordeal in oil

BRAIN LANDSCAPE, 150 x 120cm, oil on canvas, 2002

Stefan Reisner During the Vietnam War, the toxic defoliant known as “Agent Orange” was sprayed over vast swathes of rainforest in order to strip the dense undergrowth bare. Even now, the indigenous population continue to suffer the after-effects of this poison and many are born with severe disabilities. Nguyen Xuan Huy, an emerging Vietnamese artist living in Berlin, has not forgotten the victims of this atrocity; they inhabit his canvases. No bombardment followed in the wake of the … [Read more...]

Oil Painting

Nguyen Do Cung

From "Vietnam Contemporary Art", 1996 By The Hanoi Fine Arts Publisher After the restoration of peace, Tran Van Can produced a canvas Retying the rope of the irrigation scoop, which was a creation of high professional level he had long mastered. Duong Bich Lien looked at things in a global way, he brought landscapes and scenes to the level of symbols. In his canvas Harvest, the author has simplified to the utmost the scene of harvest: only golden waves succeeding one another to the … [Read more...]

Art festival exposes raw young talents

Youth prevails: Video art featuring the beauty of the earth can be seen at a National Young Fine Arts Festival

28 Nov – 10 Dec 2011, 9 am – 5 pm 2 Hoa Lư Str, Hanoi As many as 155 paintings, graphic designs, sculptures, installations and art videos of 136 artists are being displayed at the Culture and Arts Exhibition Centre at 2 Hoa Lu Street in Hanoi. Speaking at the opening of the National Young Fine Arts Festival, Vi Kien Thanh, director of the culture ministry’s Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition, said: “The artists create works for Vietnamese fine arts of today and the … [Read more...]