Concept Context Contestation Hanoi: art and the collective in Southeast Asia


From the Goethe -Institut: The Bangkok Art and Culture Center shows contemporary art from Southeast Asia at the Goethe-Institut. Exhibition 18. – 30.06.2015 Every day from 9 am – 7 pm Goethe- Institut Hanoi +84 4 37342251 - 14 With the exhibition Concept Context Contestation the Goethe -Institut in collaboration with the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) is presenting contemporary art from Southeast Asia. Initiated by three curators from Singapore, Indonesia and … [Read more...]

Event : Exhibition “The Makeup Faces”

Opening: Mon 22 Oct, 5pm Exhibition: 22 – 29 Oct 2012 Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St., Hanoi The exhibition consists of 22 lacquer paintings of artist Nguyen Van Cuong (1976). He is currently a teacher at Art Department of the University of Teaching. This series is inspired by one aspect of the society: the make up of a person before they get out of the house or their room. Make – up is not pureply the action of putting on lipstick, clothes but also accessories. He has … [Read more...]

Book: The Sonata of Viet Nam Countryside


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price:US$15.00 Description: The works of Nguyen Van Cuong. “In the rural orchestra of Nguyen van Cuong’s fine art, there is note, melody, a music instrument within their own place. His pictures are loved by everyone.” - Nguyen Quan. Published in 2000 by The Nhat Le Art Gallery, VN. 44 pages, hard cover, 21 cm x 21 cm. Bilingual: Vietnamese, English. … [Read more...]

Artifacts from shipwreck reveal maritime cultural heritage

A phoenix-shaped pottery pot dating from the 15th century found from shipwreck in Cu Lao Cham sea territory, the central province of Quang Nam, is on display. (Photo: VNS)

Artifacts unearthed from a shipwreck has revealed the country's heritage of trade in coastal regions during its long-standing history. A phoenix-shaped pottery pot dating from the 15th century found from shipwreck in Cu Lao Cham sea territory, the central province of Quang Nam, is on display. (Photo: VNS) An exhibition featuring the relics, entitled Viet Nam's Maritime Cultural Heritage, aims at introducing facets of the country's seas and islands as well as aspects of trade between East and … [Read more...]

Changing Time

Do Quang Em - Still life on red cloth

Asian Art News, 1997 By Ian Findlay and Helene Hagemans The vitality of the contemporary Vietnamese art scene is being driven not only by clear commercial considerations, but also by artists and dealers committed to creating and promoting quality work. Less than a decade ago, contemporary Vietnamese art and artists had little resence in their own country and virtually none on the international art scene. Yet, just four years ago, the eminent critic and painter Ca Le Thang reported in … [Read more...]

A Stir in the Ranks

nguyen van cuong

ASIAN ART NEWS 1997 By Bradford Edwards Artists in Vietnam are beginning to respond to growing social and artistic change in the country with fresh ideas and new voices. As Vietnamese contemporary art continues to respond to doi moi (renovation), the clear influence of fundamental changes can be seen in recent artworks. Certainly market forces - such as foreign art collectors and museums' heightened interest in Vietnamese contemporary art - have influenced much of the art that is being … [Read more...]

Affordable Art Fair NYC Sept 21-25, 2011 New York City

Old Banian Tree

Affordable Art Fair Past and Present Twelve years ago, Will Ramsay changed the model of the traditional art fair by creating the Affordable Art Fair, where contemporary art is accessible to all. Now in ten locations around the world, with the upcoming L.A. fair being the eleventh, Affordable Art Fair proves that you do not need to be an art expert or a billionaire to have original works of art by living artists in your home or office. With the fair taking place in Amsterdam (spring and fall), … [Read more...]

Tadioto … [Read more...]

Nhà sàn Đức

Nhasan studio is a traditional wooden house on still that was built in 1992 by Nguyen Manh Duc. In 1998 Tran Luong and Nguyen Manh Duc turned Nhasan studio into an experimental art space. Nhasan studio was among the first alternative and non profit spaces for contemporary art not only in Hanoi, but also the whole country. It opens for local and international artists to present new kinds of media such as video, performance, sound, music, installation… Nhasan brings the chance for Vietnamese … [Read more...]

Self-portrait contest wraps up in HCMC

Nguyen Van Cuong and his prize winning self portrait

The 2011 Dogma Prize in Self Portraiture, the first self-portrait contest organized in Vietnam, announced its winners on Tuesday in Ho Chi Minh City. Sponsored by Dogma Collection, a private art collection and organization holding the largest body of original Vietnamese propaganda art, the contest attracted 230 works from all over the country. … [Read more...]