Art collectors, past and present

A painting by Vu Cao Dam, a big name in Vietnam’s painting circle, in a foreign collection.

The global economic crisis has depressed the Vietnamese painting market. Fewer collectors, especially knowledgable collectors, are buying these days. The late connoisseur Duc Minh (also called Bui Dinh Than) is still well-remembered. As a rich businessman, Duc Minh enriched Vietnam’s art world by nurturing talented artists at a time that painters lacked basic facilities to work. … [Read more...]

60/70’s South

Follow the partition of the nation in 1954, the art scene in the South comparatively enjoyed a greater freedom of creation and expression than one from the North. The artists of the South were more exposed to the current trends of the twenty-century Western arts. They had opportunities to learn and experiment with modern styles such as cubism and abstraction and many of them later became quite successful at these forms. Ta Ty (b. 1920): One of the first abstract painters of Viet Nam since the … [Read more...]