Artist Dao Hai Phong : Life should not be seen with “black” artistic vision

Potrait Artist Dao Hai Phong

DON'T LOOK AT OUR SOCIETY WITH DARK ARTISTIC VISION Artist Dao Hai Phong - an outstanding character of Vietnamese Fine Arts and Paintings since the end of decade 1990 revealed his meditations on Vietnamese Fine Arts and Paintings in the near future. He also expressed much of his suspicions over identities of modern Vietnamese paintings. Although it was a period of economic downturn for the year 2012, in particular, there have been numerous individual fine art exhibitions held by many young … [Read more...]

Role of artists during resistance wars

(April 30, 2005)Many Vietnamese artists created immortal literary and music works during the national resistance wars. This resulted from their great passion for art they have and also their responsibilities to the fate of the country.  Many writers went to the battlefields for real stories during the anti-US resistance war. Therefore, readers respected and love covers, essays and novels sent from the south by Nguyen Thi, Vo Tran Nha, Nguyen Thanh Van, Nguyen Trung Thanh, Nguyen Chi Trung, Thu Bon, Lien Nam and songs composed by Xuan Hong, Phan Chi Thanh, Ha An, Pham Minh Tuan, Thuan Yen etc.  Writers and composers devoted their lives to create such works and to popularise them among people. Reviewing literature and art activities during the anti-US resistance war, books, songs, paintings and dramas which received warm acclaim were normally created during or after field trips by artists. In literature, this esulted in the front stories. Even in novel, it seemed to be direct impression of writers after joining a campaign only once. 'Dau Chan Nguoi Linh' (Soldiers' Foot Prints), a novel by Nguyen Minh Chau is closely associated with the events the author witnessed in Khe Sanh campaign. Field trips also helped composers to develop impressive songs on Truong Son by Vu Trong Hoi, on Tri Thien, Highway No 9 of Huy Thuc, Trong Loan, Huy Du, Nguyen Nhung, on soldiers by Nguyen Duc Toan, Doan Nho and many others. This shows that the greatest value and significance of all creativity during the war is the evidence provided by artists cum soldiers in all the firing lines of the war.  Thu Bon.  Not only writers and composer, but singers also went to the battlefield to improve the spiritual life of soldiers. Singers Tuong Vi, Tran Chat, Minh Nguyet and Kim Cuc were present in various places in Tri Thien and the Central Highlands. They even sang through telephone line for soldiers guarding command posts.  Many of them sacrificed their lives. Nguyen Thi fell at Saigon Gateway in the Spring of 1968 with a gun in his hand and incomplete stories in his backpack. Cameramen Le van Bang, Nguyen Con, Duong Phuoc An, Chau Quang, Le Viet The, Nong Van Tu and Nhu Dung laid down their lives during their work. Ngoc Minh, Chu Nghi and other composers and artists also died on the battlefields. As insiders, they shared all the hardships and difficulties with soldiers. And their creations are full of belief in life and love in the then struggle for national independence.  Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper

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