Artworks by painting pioneer Nguyen Tu Nghiem on display in Hanoi

Thuy Kieu and Kim Trong from The Tales of Kieu.  Buổi trưng bày sẽ kéo dài tới 12/3.

VietNamNet Bridge - Art lovers now have the opportunity to enjoy works by one of the legendary foursome of Vietnam fine art at the Ngan Pho Gallery at 82 Hang Gai in Hanoi. Nguyen Tu Nghiem is considered a pioneer in combining folkloric tradition with a modem spirit, creating a uniquely Vietnamese style. He is one of the famous four painters of Vietnam's modern art, called Nghiem - Lien - Sang - Phai. Even when he was still a student, his teachers and peers admired him for his creativity, … [Read more...]

Exhibition highlights anti-French war propaganda posters and paintings


An exhibition of more than 100 propaganda paintings and posters which highlight the glorious resistance against the French invaders opened today in Ha Noi. HA NOI — … [Read more...]

A Rare Rescue Mission

Mar 22, 2008 Researchers race to preserve uniquely fragile paintings from the communist era in Vietnam. For the past five years, Adrian Jones and his research team have traveled around Vietnam collecting old tubes of oil paint, unused canvases and old paper—in fact, pretty much any art material they can find that has been produced since the 1940s. They have also been interviewing elderly artists to gain a better understanding of their techniques. Their goal: to staunch the deterioration of … [Read more...]

Before 1945

The earliest Vietnamese artist to achieve recognition for his work in the medium of oil and watercolour painting was Lê Văn Miến (1873 -1943), a native of Huế who studied classical academic painting at theÉcole des beaux arts in Paris in the early 1890s. However, at the turn of the century western concepts of space and light in art were still alien to Việt Nam and the 'realism' of his work would undoubtedly have raised eyebrows in Vietnamese artistic circles. Contemporary French art was … [Read more...]

Oil Painting

Nguyen Do Cung

From "Vietnam Contemporary Art", 1996 By The Hanoi Fine Arts Publisher After the restoration of peace, Tran Van Can produced a canvas Retying the rope of the irrigation scoop, which was a creation of high professional level he had long mastered. Duong Bich Lien looked at things in a global way, he brought landscapes and scenes to the level of symbols. In his canvas Harvest, the author has simplified to the utmost the scene of harvest: only golden waves succeeding one another to the … [Read more...]

Women, the symbol of beauty in Luong Xuan Nhi’s paintings


Long before the general uprising in August 1945, Vietnam's fine arts circle as well the French art lovers had known Luong Xuan Nhi as a talented painter. He also resolutely fought against the French colonialists' policy of obscurantism. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Art, an overview

Through the Upheavals of History Compared to other Asian countries, and according to several art commentators,Vietnam was the earliest to merge into the the main stream of modern art, as defined by the West, in both form and content. Such a fact can be easily seen with the coming into existence of Ecole Des Beaux Arts (Indochina's SchoolofFine Art) in the early 1930s, with the presence of professors fromFrance. Western style in technique and the use of color was what the first student … [Read more...]

Luong Xuan Nhi

Long before the general uprising in August 1945, Vietnam's fine arts circle as well the French art lovers had known Luong Xuan Nhi as a talented painter. He also resolutely fought against the French colonialists' policy of obscurantism. When he was a student of the Indochina Fine Arts College, he together with other painters, including Le Van De, To Ngoc Van, Tran Van Can and Nguyen Khang set up Fraeta group. At the time, the director of the college declared that he came there to train artisans … [Read more...]

Contemporary painters brighten arts history

(December 30, 2003)Painters in the early stage of the 1945 August revolution were regarded as the pathfinders for Vietnam's modern art. Most of them were honored with the Ho Chi Minh Prize, the highest distinction for Vietnamese artists. Secretary General of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, Tran Khanh Chuong said, " Most of Vietnam's first contemporary painters joined the revolution and used fine arts to serve this glorious cause. A majority of them graduated from French-run Indochina Fine … [Read more...]

50/60/70’s North

After gaining the independence from the French in 1945, Viet Nam chose to follow a socialist road and went through many harsh years of ravaged war first against the French and later the American. The government controlled all branches of art to fit with the politics of the nation and the mobilization of the mass during the war years. Painting, as well as other art media, was created for the single purpose of promoting patriotic and revolutionary ideals. Art trends such as nude, abstraction and … [Read more...]