Tet Art Fair debuts in Hanoi, aims to revive collecting tradition


Traditionally, Vietnam's Lunar New Year celebration needs to include hanging some new paintings on the wall, as many believe artwork not only adds colors to the festival but can also push away bad luck. A painting of a goat at Tet Art . Photo credit: VnExpress … [Read more...]

Book: Le Thiet Cuong

Category: Artists, Individual  Unit Price: US$42.00

Description: Le Thiet has a distinctive style that is neither "village art" nor "ecode de Paris." This artist often paints monochromatically and allows large areas of white space or minute objects. This book possesses a large collection of his paintings. … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Letting Go”


Opening: Thu 03 Jul 2014, 6.30 pm … [Read more...]

Potters strike a ‘timely’ balance

An exhibition of pottery that opened in Hanoi on April 10 illustrates the harmony between modernity and tradition. Curator of the exhibition, painter Le Thiet Cuong, invited six nationally known pottery artists to display their works. The artists chosen have had little chance to present their works in the past. Pham Anh Dao, who was born in Bat Trang Village on the outskirts of Hanoi, displays modest pottery bowls, dishes and cups with simple patterns. Nguyen Khac Quan creates pottery … [Read more...]

State of the Art-Scene in Vietnam

Hanoi, Aug 10, 2006 A decade after modern Vietnamese painting made a splash on the world scene, critics and galleries say rampant commercialisation and a glut of cheap copies are threatening the young art movement. The original works of Vietnam's best-known artists such as are fetching small fortunes in Hanoi, Hong Kong and Singapore. But for each authentic work, hundreds of reproductions are being churned out by craftsmen who have almost perfected a centuries-old Asian tradition of … [Read more...]

Book: Le Thiet Cuong – The Way Beyond Landscape


  Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$30.00 Description: An exhibition book by an artist, who is well known in VietNam and abroad. Le Thiet Cuong's vision of beauty does not come from nature, but rather, from his heart and mind. Published in 2000 VN. 54 pages, hard cover, 28cm x 22cm. Bilingual - Vietnamese, English … [Read more...]

Vietnamese artists today

The work of these four immensely influential artists laid the essential groundwork for creative change, setting the scene for the work of the new generation which came to the fore during the early 1980s and included Nguyễn Trung (b 1940), Đỗ Sơn (b 1943), Nguyễn Quân (b 1948), Ca Lê Thắng (b 1949), Lê Anh Vân (b 1952), Đào Minh Tri (b 1950), Phan Thị Gia Hương (b 1951), Đặng Thị Khuê (b 1946), Đỗ Thị Ninh (b 1947), Lương Xuân Đoàn (b 1952), Nguyễn Tấn Cương (b 1953), Lê Huy Tiếp (b 1951) and … [Read more...]

A novel tradition


At the beginning of the twentieth century, French artists and professors came to Vietnam and established their E’cole des Beaux-Arts de I’Indochine. They introduced views, techniques and media from the distant West. Concurrent with developments in traditional Vietnamese fine art, great names emerged from this modern school. Yet things were not so clear-cut. A few modern artist turned to a widely used local material: lacquer. Commonly used to make objects for everyday life as well as for … [Read more...]

Recent trends

Since the start of the new millennium, installation, video and performance art has become increasingly popular in Việt Nam, thanks largely to the adventurous programming of venues such as Salon Natasha, Đức’s House on Stilts, Việt Art Centre, Ryllega Experimental Art Gallery,Studio Đào Anh Khánh, the Goethe-Institut and l’Espace – French Cultural Centre in Hà Nội and Galerie Quỳnhand Mai's Gallery in Hồ Chí Minh City. The art of site-specific installation was pioneered in the 1990s by such … [Read more...]

Le Thiet Cuong


Le Thiet Cuong was born in 1962 in Hanoi. His father, Le Nguyen, was a well respected film playwright, scriptwriter and poet and his mother, Do Phuong Thao was a famous cinematographer. As a young child, Cuong moved with his family to Binh Da village, where they escaped the American bombing of Hanoi. Cuong attended the Vietnam State Film College from 1985 - 1990 and graduated with a degree in set design and animation. Cuong began to study Tay Tang Buddhism (a Tibetan sect) after his … [Read more...]