Vietnamese silk painting

French painter Victor Tardieu (1870 - 1937) opened the Indochina Art College in Hanoi in 1925 after recognizing Vietnamese's fine arts ability during his period of living in Vietnam. Tardieu was completely successful with his first class, which created a famous generation of Vietnamese artists, including: Nguyen Phan Chanh, Cong Van Trung , Le Pho , Mai Trung Thu , Le Van De , Tran Van Can, Nguyen Tien Chung and Le Thi Luu . In 1931, these students made a strong impression on 64 … [Read more...]

Vietnam’s most valuable paintings

VietNamNet Bridge – A list of Vietnamese artists that have created the most valuable paintings sold internationally. Le Pho (1907-2001) Le Pho settled in France in 1937 and spent the remaining years of his life there. However, his paintings depict the scenery of Vietnam, family settings and portraits of women in ao dai. They often evoke the influence of post impressionism. In September 1993, Le Pho gave Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 20 of his paintings. The Purple … [Read more...]

Work by late VN painter to be auctioned in Singapore


An artwork by the late Vietnamese painter Bui Xuan Phai is to go up for auction in Singapore on July 28. Paintings by four other artists, Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, Hong Viet Dung and Pham Luan, will also be on offer at the Traditional, Modern and Contemporary Art Auction in Singapore .The drawing entitled Nong Thon (Countryside) is expected to bring bids of 41,000-54,000 USD. One of Vietnam's best-known artists, Phai (1920-87) was born and lived all his life in Hanoi. He was a graduate of … [Read more...]

Poetry in silky motion


October 9, 2011 Artist says she was destined to depict the story of Kieu The silk paintings by Ngoc Mai have Kieu wearing Vietnamese traditional dresses like ao dai and ao tu than. Each painting took Mai several months to complete. Vietnam’s most famous literary work of all time, “The Tale of Kieu,” has been rewritten in 28 silk paintings over 12 years by a self-taught painter keeping a childhood promise. The paintings were unveiled at a ten day exhibition that closed Monday in Ho … [Read more...]

The Awakening of Hanoi [Part 2]

Vu Dan Tan

By JENNIFER CONLIN Published: February 18, 2007 “We were the first private art gallery to open after doi moi,” she said referring to the Communist government's decision in 1986 to allow foreign trade and private ownership. A poet's daughter who grew up around artists — many of whom painted her portrait as a child — Mai opened her original gallery in 1993 with the help of her parents. “Previously, every gallery was state owned, and Vietnamese contemporary art was anonymous to the rest of … [Read more...]

Vietnamese art under hammer at Sotherby’s


More than 40 paintings by contemporary Vietnamese artists will be on sale at the Sotherby's autumn auction of Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art in Hong Kong on October 3. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Modern Paintings – The Pioneers

Born in 1910 in Kien An Town, Hai Phong City, and died in 1994 in Hanoi.

By Quang Phong, Quang Viet and H.C. Vietnamismoving forward. The Vietnamese are not only looking ahead to their future, however, but also making an effort to sort out their past. Recently they have come to terms with the origin of their modern art. For many years, this has been a sensitive topic as Vietnamese modern art began as a joint product of French liberalism and Vietnamese traditionalism during a period of brutal French colonialism and strong Vietnamese patriotism. Before doi moi … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Art, an overview

Through the Upheavals of History Compared to other Asian countries, and according to several art commentators,Vietnam was the earliest to merge into the the main stream of modern art, as defined by the West, in both form and content. Such a fact can be easily seen with the coming into existence of Ecole Des Beaux Arts (Indochina's SchoolofFine Art) in the early 1930s, with the presence of professors fromFrance. Western style in technique and the use of color was what the first student … [Read more...]


For a nation with an history that goes back thousands of years, Vietnamese contemporary art is relatively young. It began a mere 75 years ago with a group of artists who were trained at the Indochina School of Fine Arts (Ecole des Baux Arts de l'Indochine) of Ha Noi. With their acquired training from French instructors, the artists of this inceptive period re-discovered the beauty of the native landscape saw through a Western lens. They romanticized life and the people and painted these subjects … [Read more...]

A brief history of Art in Vietnam

Beautiful art had been produced in Vietnam for centuries. It was created in sculptures of many media, woodblocks, ceramics, lacquer works, embroidered art, silk paintings, ink on rice paper, etc. It was stamped, inside and out, on every pagoda, temple and palace from one end of the country to the other. It was distinctly oriental based upon the art forms of the Chinese and Japanese, local in nature, but not uniquely Vietnamese, and not universally known. That changed in 1925 during the period … [Read more...]