Gold-leaf making craft in Kieu Ki


Located on the northern bank of the Red River, Kieu Ki is known as the only village in Vietnam still practicing the traditional craft of producing gold leaf. The deftness of Kieu Ki artisans can be seen in pagodas and temples where statues are covered with thin gold leaf. On the path to the village, visitors can hear locals hammering gold to produce thin sheets. Old and young alike are committed to the craft. The village elders believe Kieu Ki villagers learned to make gold leaf 300 years ago … [Read more...]

Day of future past


I am among those who, after long contact with so many Vietnamese artists, are of the opinion that lacquer whose enormous capacity for artistic ceration has been proven by certain artists in their diverse work and research-will in the near future become the artistic medium par excellence for representing this country since it acts as an exterior cultural sign of Vietnam’s vitality and uniqueness. The proper and original method with which Vietnamese contemporary artists utillise lacquer exists … [Read more...]

From the Temple of Tradition

Tucked away in a corner of the shores of West Lake in Hanoi, hidden under trees dwarfed by the new twenty-story hotels, and hardly visible from the road stands a house on stilts, a traditional, wooden, temple-like structure. This is the home of one Hanoi’s most innovative and cutting-edge contemporary artists. You might not know it, though, by the look of the place. Cobwebs hang from beams, and straw mats are scattered on the floor. Yesterday’s tea sits in cold cups on a wet tray. Only the … [Read more...]

Bui Huu Hung

Bui Huu Hung was born in Hanoi in 1957. He graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1975 and began his study of traditional lacquer techniques after graduation. In 1986, he established the Nha San Studio in Hanoi. The studio, located in a traditional wooden house on stilts, is home to a number of young lacquer artists who share the work space while developing their own styles. Hung's works are varied but center around a common theme of recollection. He believes that new events, … [Read more...]

Bui Huu Hung – Tradition meets modern sensibility in Vietnamese fine art

bui huu hung

Whenever somebody mentions contemporary Vietnamese art, there are a few names that spring to the mind right away. Of these, among the very first ones that come to mind, is Bui Huu Hung. Undoubtedly, Bui Huu Hung is one of the most popular artists to have emerged from the Vietnamese art scene in recent times. Born in 1957, Bui Huu Hung hails from Hanoi, Vietnam. Bui Huu Hung works in the traditional medium of lacquer. It is the same medium that has produced some of the finest specimens of … [Read more...]

A novel tradition


At the beginning of the twentieth century, French artists and professors came to Vietnam and established their E’cole des Beaux-Arts de I’Indochine. They introduced views, techniques and media from the distant West. Concurrent with developments in traditional Vietnamese fine art, great names emerged from this modern school. Yet things were not so clear-cut. A few modern artist turned to a widely used local material: lacquer. Commonly used to make objects for everyday life as well as for … [Read more...]

Book: The land of Legends


Unit Price: US $25.00 Printed in 2008 Bui Huu Hung The Land of Legends published by Gallery Ben Thanh ART&FRAME and Galerie Nguyen “…Fine art lacquer will be a great contemporary fine art revolution in future.” Said by a famous Vietnam artist at National Art Festival in The Northernmost Vietnam Base, an anti-French colonialist year’s 50’ last century.  Famous artist Nguyen Gia Tri also said, “…owning a lacquer painting is likely keeping a high value antique and it’ value prices … [Read more...]

Book: Vietnam nostalgia


Price: US 25.00 Printed in 2005 Bui Huu Hung Viet Nam Nostalgia published by Galerie J.D. Armengaud, Paris & Red river Gallery Ha noi Enjoying Bui Huu Hung paintings  - By professor and art critic Nguyen Ngoc Dung Art is often a representation of the general experience of mankind, but here, this representation is the artist’s own, wholly separate and unique. Bui Huu Hung’s works are beautifully varied, yet they centre around a common theme - the  theme of recollection, of memory. … [Read more...]

Bui Huu Hung – Foreword


Alone amongst Asian cities, Ha Noi still bears witness to both its ancient origins and its more recent conlonial past. Glearning office towers international hotels may have sprung up in the race towards modernity, while major roads have become cacophony of motobikes, but a stone ‘s throw away ancient vietnamese temples and French colonial architecture survive intact in quite tree- lined streets. The same mixture of old and new is evident in the work of Vietnamese artists, who draw on the … [Read more...]

Book: Art of Lacquer

By: Pham Hoang Hai A small visitor’s booklet covers the origin of lacquer and its many uses in Vietnamese history. From the ancient pagodas, to water puppetry and fine art paintings. Published 2007 in Vietnam by The Gioi Publishers 60 Pages , soft cover, 14cm x 20.5cm. In English Our Price : $ 7.00 Shipped in 24 hours … [Read more...]