Book: Nguyen Lam – Lacquer Painting

Description: 19 photos of the artists most distinguished lacquer paintings. "Painting is a process of forming and destroying. The creation does not allow the artist to repeat himself. That is an itinerary which is always renewed with the addiction and desire for beauty, and that makes sense only when we are working. Sometimes, we think that we are coming to the aim, but it is really a tiny objective in the great and far - away beauty." Nguyen Lam. Published in 2002. Soft cover, 20 pages, … [Read more...]

Book: Dinh Quan Lacquer Paintings

Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$45.00 Description: The art of making lacquer paintings is complex and arduous. Ding Quan's skills as a lacquer artist are indisputable, though his most important contribution is probably his innovations in term of texture, movement and substances. He is the first lacquer painter who has created truly dynamic lacquer paintings where the actions of the subject matter, often female bodies, tend to move towards abstraction. This Book, with several … [Read more...]

Bad art drives out good in Hoi An Town

Hoi an

Ancient Hoi An has been a favourite destination of tourists and art collectors. But lately the bloom is off the art market. Ancient Hoi An has been a favourite destination of tourists and art collectors, attracted by its handsomely preserved buildings and bustling art scene. But lately the bloom is off the art market. Many painters have moved to Hoi An Town to live, draw and open their galleries. Walking along the old streets of this acclaimed ‘world heritage site,’ one can see a hundred … [Read more...]

Exhibition of Vietnamese artist Johai in Frankfurt

Press release for the exhibition Written by Dr. Martin H. Schmidt - revised and modified slightly by JoHai "Happiness within reach" - After a successful presentation of her work in the offices of Baring Asset Management GmbH in Frankfurt, the young Vietnamese artist JoHai is going to exhibit her unusual paint paintings in an art gallery in Frankfurt for the first time. Knoetzmann Praunheim, Alt Praunheim 57 specializes in Asian art. A selection from the extensive work of the creative … [Read more...]

Book: Nguyen Sang


Category: Contemporary Art Unit Price: US$80.00 Description: Featured Books: “Even if you pave the road with money, I’d trample on it. But to serve art, I’d glean any penny for subsistence”: Nguyen Sang. Nguyen Sang is one of Vietnam’s most important painters and this book celebrates his work and his influence, with 85 paintings, extensive essays, photos and poetry written by the artist himself. “In 1984, Sang had his first and only solo exhibition at the Fine Art Museum. It was a … [Read more...]

Lacquer Paintings


Lacquer paintings are ancient paintings that regained their popularity in the world art scene for the last decade. Vietnam and Burma are two main producers of this distinctive art. The two countries were just recently opened up to tourism and started exhibiting their highly skilled artists. … [Read more...]

Hanoi’s dreams in Canada


Tens of paintings by five Vietnamese talented painters are displayed at an exhibition entitled “Hanoi Dreams” in Toronto, Canada. The exhibition opened on November 22 at the “Art Square” Gallery, introducing artworks by five contemporary artists from Vietnam: Trinh Quoc Chien, Vu Huong Quynh, Nguyen Minh Thanh, Ngo Van Sac and Nguyen Quang Minh. The art, which represents five ways of dreaming, features a dream-like quality — including Chien’s Buddhist-inspired mixed media lacquer … [Read more...]

A Comparison Between Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese Contemporary Art (3 Jan 2009)


Thavibu Gallery is uniquely positioned to make comparisons between contemporary art from three Southeast Asian countries since the Gallery displays, promotes and sells contemporary paintings from Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. Based on observations during the ten year period 1998 - 2008, we have noticed how the markets for contemporary paintings from the three countries are developing. … [Read more...]

The Colour of Light – Dinh Quan’s Lacquer Paintings (8 March, 2004)

From his childhood in Haiphong to his current status as one of Vietnam's most recognized artists, the art and life of Dinh Quan has constituted a long quest - a long road towards enlightenment. For Dinh Quan has woven together his emotions, his memories of youth, his fervent Buddhist beliefs and the history of Vietnam with a flamboyancy that has resulted in an art that speaks a universal language. And with the clarity of his vocation, Dinh Quan, the artist, has become the perpetual wanderer in … [Read more...]

A New Stage in Dinh Quan’s Art

I first watched Dinh Quan's paintings in 1993. The artist's work has its own specific features. On the one hand, the eye takes delight in admiring luscious, graceful women's figures until it seems to have been replete with excessive pleasure - for women are always the focus that directly attracts, interprets and connects the viewers' associations in which the space and motives of ancient communal houses and pagodas urge and recall an equally real and illusory world. That is poetry. On the other … [Read more...]