Vietnamese Lacquer Art

Making Red Lacquer

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Layers of Meaning

Nguyen Quang Huy in an opening ceremony

From Asian Art News 2005 By Bradford Edwards Last year, the 22-year-old Singaporean actor and director who had a great passion for Xuan Phai's paintings wanted to bring the artistic life of painter Xuan Phai on stage. So Benny Lim met the late painter's son Bui Thanh Phuong to ask for permission to stage a monologue play about his father. The play in which Benny Lim acted as Bui Xuan Phai and together with four supporting artists featured extracts of cheo (popular opera), the art that … [Read more...]

The Arts and Crafts of Vietnam Today

From the book Arts and Handicrafts of VietNam. On display at any traditional Vietnamese festival, is a profusion of traditional arts and handicrafts – lacquered carvings and the red and yellow ochre colours in communal houses, embroidery on flags, banners and parasols, the key chains worn by women, gold and silver jewellery around children’s necks, the architecture of pagodas and temples and so on, a spiritual environment in which creativity has always flourished. The arts may now be … [Read more...]