“I will Come to See You with a Visual Story” – Text Installation & Talk by Tran Trong Vu

Installation showcase: 19 – 23 Mar 2014 (2nd floor) Artist talk: Wed 19 Mar 2014, 7 pm Manzi Art Space 14 Phan Huy Ich, Hanoi Images and languages are used as tools for human expression. They both are often being put together and sometime act as integral part of each other in order to bring multi-meanings & answers for an object. Read the images and see the words, write a picture and draw and essay – we can call these the jobs of both art-makers and art-enjoyers. Read the images with … [Read more...]

The artists ‘cooperative’ in downtown Hanoi

Several dozen local artists have gathered at five adjacent shabby, deserted buildings in downtown Hanoi and turned them into a breeding ground for their boundless creativity and cooperation. Though the ‘cooperative’, located at 38 Nguyen Huy Tu street, Hai Ba Trung district, was formed only a few months ago, it is now bustling with commotion and diverse artistic activities. According to photographer Xuan Dong, one of the earliest residents, who rents an area for his office and studio, the … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Born in 1983/ Khâm Thiên”

Opening: Thu 05 Sep 2013, 6 pm Exhibition: 05 – 28 Sep 2013 L’Espace 24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội You are invited to the installation art exhibition of artist Bang Nhat Linh. To the generation born in post-war period and knowing nothing about the war, they are obsessed by the stories of survivors and, above all, their way to live. This installation will display the objects whose utility had been transformed by users. The artists recycles objects left over from the war (aircraft … [Read more...]

Home :: Culture & Art Le Hien Minh’s Do10 showcases her career

VietNamNet Bridge – ‘Do10’ by Le Hien Minh will open on Saturday at HCMC Fine Arts Museum, featuring large installations made by the artist over the last decade. Visitors inspect ‘Book’ by Le Hien Minh at a group exhibition held at HCMC Fine Arts Museum last year. The installation will be on display this Saturday. Do paper is a material traditionally used in the creation of Dong Ho paintings, a type of folk woodcut painting which originates in Dong Ho village, Bac Ninh … [Read more...]

Manzi features artist extraordinaire

VietNamNet Bridge – Manzi Art Space on Saturday will host an exhibition featuring artwork by Nguyen Manh Hung – one of the most popular young visual artists in Viet Nam. Drawing from his own personal history growing up in a cramped Soviet style apartment block in Ha Noi, Hung reflects on the idea of community, the conflicts that exist within and without constructed societies, and the complexities of civic development and individual responsibility.Entitled One Planet, the display will … [Read more...]

German artist plans installation exhibition in Hue

VietNamNet Bridge – An installation exhibition with the theme “Collections” by artist Dorothee Berkenheger (Germany) will open on April 13, in central Hue City. The idea for an exhibition in Vietnam developed from his interest in “special objects” of different foreign cultures and the import of cultural characteristics. The exhibition in Hue is a collection of three works, which deal with the theme “collection” in a different manner. He will develop new, digitalised versions of three … [Read more...]

Tran Duc Quy’s 88-legged creature on show

An installation exhibition of Tran Duc Quy called ‘Portrait of Life 3” will open at French Cultural Center, L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien Street in Hanoi, reports VietnamPlus. Quy will bring a creature he created from scratch which is 2.6 meters tall, 8.5 meters long in the shape of a giraffe with numerous heads and 88 legs as part of his latest show. The artist covers the whole body of the animal with a brown color made of composite material. It took him three years to create the piece with him … [Read more...]

Installation “The Wall”

Goethe Institut VietnamLe Huy Hoang-Installation The Wall Opening: Fri 14 Dec, 6.30 pm Exhibition: 15 Dec 2012 – 07 Jan 2013, 9 am – 7 pm Goethe Institute 56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học There have been walls either demolished or still existing in this world. All of them were and have been built on blood and sorrow of mankind. But not only walls made of steel and concrete, also virtual boundaries, such as prejudice, discrimination and ignorance of human feeling exist in the minds of … [Read more...]

Exhibition of Tam Van Tran and Dewey Ambrosino


Tam Van Tran and Dewey Ambrosino ‘Scene Unseen (detail)’ 2012. Sculptural installation. Dimensions variable Ho Chi Minh City, May 21, 2012 – Sàn Art presents a two-person show by Los Angeles based artists Tam Van Tran and Dewey Ambrosino. ‘Tam Van Tran and Dewey Ambrosino’ explore the world of sound and surface. The artists state ‘It is the ear that penetrates darkness, and not the eye. We cannot see what is within a fruit yet we know through our senses and cultural learning that its … [Read more...]

Phuong Quoc Tri narrates story of snails


‘The Life of Snails’ solo exhibition by Phuong Quoc Tri, which opens this weekend at Cactus Contemporary Art Gallery, is a bold statement by the Saigon-based artist. Tri is more renowned for portraits featuring lonely characters in grayish canvas like monologues. However, this time his show features two installations and four paintings made of mixed media, presenting a totally different side of Tri. “Artists need to discover new ideas and creativeness as well as genres, and The Life of … [Read more...]