Cong Kim Hoa – the colours between the lines

(1 September, 2006) from Cong Kim Hoa - Lacquer Paintings … [Read more...]

The Changing Face of Hanoi: Vietnamese Art Show in Hong Kong

Suzanne Lecht enchanting city of romance steeped in sadness and tradition. Ancient architecture, achingly beautiful, graces paths winding through the myriad of treasures spilling out onto the streets of the old quarters. Cyclos dreamily encircle Hoan Kiem Lake, their passengers silently gazing at the vibrant, happening place...businessmen, tourists, adventure seekers, art collectors, all flocking in with the hopes of capturing a little of the magic dust. … [Read more...]

Festivities for Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary off to a shaky start

Hanoi 1000's anniversary is, not unlike other events of such magnitude, a cash generating opportunity for many local businesses whether of a formal or informal nature.Inflated prices and aggressive sellers Hundreds of photographers around Hoan Kiem Lake earn a living by taking instant photos of willing tourists at a rate of roughly VND 20.000 (US$1) for shot. On the morning of October 1 the price of a photo was up to VND50,000 - 70,000 ($2.5-$3.5). By the afternoon some photographers were … [Read more...]