Museum of Fine Arts opens new exhibition area

A visitor looks at artworks on display at the new exhibition area of the HCMC Museum of Fine Arts - PHOTO: NGUYEN VINH

Nguyen Vinh The museum’s new exhibition area is a three-storey building with Indochinese architecture at 54 Nguyen Thai Binh Street, District 1. The artworks on display come with different categories, including southern ceramics, ancient sculptures, religious statues, bronze artifacts, and Buddha statues of Khmer people in the south. Visitors can learn about the spirit and cultural life of people in the past, and gain an insight into Cham, Oc Eo and Khmer cultures. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese young contemporary artists – chances and challenges

Contemporary art, mostly with the involvement of young artists, has developed in Vietnam for decades characterized by the use of a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenges traditional boundaries. Young artists while indulging themselves in on August 20's contemporary art want to raise their voice on the varied and changing cultural landscapes of identity, values, and beliefs as well as to reflect a wide range of social issues. In Vietnam, playgrounds … [Read more...]

Self-portrait contest wraps up in HCMC

Nguyen Van Cuong and his prize winning self portrait

The 2011 Dogma Prize in Self Portraiture, the first self-portrait contest organized in Vietnam, announced its winners on Tuesday in Ho Chi Minh City. Sponsored by Dogma Collection, a private art collection and organization holding the largest body of original Vietnamese propaganda art, the contest attracted 230 works from all over the country. … [Read more...]