The Process of Making Lacquer Paintings in Vietnam


Trinh Tuan/Thavibu Gallery (updated March 2003) The technique of using lacquer for handicrafts and decorative items in the household has a long tradition in Vietnam since it was introduced from China centuries ago. The French introduced Western paintings and techniques into the country, in particular after the establishment of the Fine Arts University, École des Beaux Art d'Indochine, in Hanoi in 1925. The traditional lacquer technique, which had earlier been used for handicrafts and … [Read more...]

Lacquer Artists of Vietnam

Arts of Asia January - February 2002 By Kerry Nguyen Long The development of lacquer as a medium for the artist is one of the more singnificant a chievement in the art world of 20th century Vietnam. Although China produced lacquered folding screens with landscape and traditional decorative imagery, as a medium for the artist lacquer did not hold appeal.This also seems to have been the case in those other countries that have a traditional of lacquer handicaft production. Thus, it was only … [Read more...]