Contemporary Art Space Galerie Quynh in Saigon

"The Complex of the Glass Frog" installation (2010) by Sandrine Llouquet, Galerie Quynh, Saigon, Vietnam

Posted on Dec 7, 2010 The contemporary art scene in Saigon has changed a great deal in the last decade. It used to be that one could only find commercial galleries that catered to tourists. More like little factories, these galleries thrive on churning out copies of canonical Western works and images of an “idyllic” Vietnam such as boys riding water buffaloes and young women wearing conical hats and silk tunics. There are exceptions—four art spaces worth visiting in Saigon: Galerie Quynh, … [Read more...]

The art of freedom

From Cristina NualArt Posted on 10 December 2011 Tu Do (pronounced tuyo), Vietnamese for freedom, is the name of the first art gallery in South Vietnam. It opened in the newly named Ho Chi Minh City, some years after the Fall of Saigon. The owners are Son and Ha, an adorable couple in their gentle years, who are still pushing on in their mission to give art a quiet and valuable space in this frenetic city.     Now in his 70s, Son speaks good English and knows a … [Read more...]

Bad art drives out good in Hoi An Town

Hoi an

Ancient Hoi An has been a favourite destination of tourists and art collectors. But lately the bloom is off the art market. Ancient Hoi An has been a favourite destination of tourists and art collectors, attracted by its handsomely preserved buildings and bustling art scene. But lately the bloom is off the art market. Many painters have moved to Hoi An Town to live, draw and open their galleries. Walking along the old streets of this acclaimed ‘world heritage site,’ one can see a hundred … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Art Gallery Celebrates 5 Years in Virginia

By: Winyan Soo Hoo  The Lac Viet Gallery has every reason to celebrate this month. To start, the internationally-acclaimed Vietnamese artist Dinh Cuong showcased more than 150 paintings in the Arlingtongallery, bringing an assortment of new visitors. The special exhibit marks Cuong's biggest presentation, as well as the gallery's 5th anniversary in November. Sitting between weathered shops and ethnic grocers, the gallery caters to the taste of the cultured few. On the inside, the space is … [Read more...]

Exhibition marks President Ho’s birthday

Visitors at the exhibition. (Photo:

An exhibition on President Ho Chi Minh opened in the northern province of Thai Nguyen on May 14 to mark the President’s 122nd birthday (May 19, 1890-2012) and the 65th anniversary of the President’s arrival at the Thai Nguyen safe zone to lead the resistance war against the French colonists. Visitors at the exhibition. (Photo: The exhibition contains more than 2,000 publications, including articles written by Uncle Ho when he lived and worked at the safe zone, writings … [Read more...]

Hong Kong Fine Art Gallery

HK fine art gallery gallery offers a collection of original contemporary paintings by some of Vietnam's best and brightest talent. The artistic range is wide and varied. We carry top quality works by senior artists as well as exciting works by emerging artists. Our main objective is to let everyone who appreciates art   have the chance to own these brilliant works. Our prices are reasonable, and our selection of art is of very high quality. We welcome … [Read more...]

Particular Art Gallery

The founder of Particular Gallery is Ms. Tran Thi Anh Vu. Ms. Tran Thi has been a leading art dealer in Saigon for 7 years. She is intimately familiar with all the artists in both North and South Vietnam and focuses on Southern Vietnamese contemporary artists. Ms. Tran Thi finds new artists every year and creates exclusive relationships with the most promising. In addition, she is very helpful and able to locate specific paintings by specific artists in the area. Ms. Tran Thi also owns and … [Read more...]

Judith Hughes Day Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art

A blend of Eastern and Western influences distinguishes Vietnamese contemporary art. Conscious of their rich cultural heritage, Vietnamese artists incorporate the spiritual, spatial, and mythological traditions of their homeland. Western influence dates to the time of French colonization. A classmate of Matisse, Victor Tardieu, in 1925, helped establish the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine in Hanoi, and Western artistic techniques and media were first introduced to Vietnamese art students. … [Read more...]

A&T Art Gallery

Since its inception in 1993, A&T Art Gallery has taken great pride in offering its clients a wide selection of the very finest in original Vietnamese art. The artists represented at A&T span many generations and include those whose works of classical beauty date from the French occupation. Pieces from artists such as Le Van De, Nguyen Tuong Lan, Nguyen Gia Tri, Nguyen Sang, Bui Xuan Phai and Nguyen Tu Nghiem can be found at A&T alongside works of the modern era from artists the … [Read more...]

Two tigers gallery

Two Tigers is about travel, collecting unique works of art and connections. Tom and his wife Sue have always been eclectic collectors of art that appeals to them at an emotional level. They love to travel, make new friends, and share their discoveries with others. Seeking out unique collectibles gives a purpose to their travels as well as the opportunity meet some very interesting people; both artists and collectors. Tom started working as a stockbroker in 1976. In 1999 he left the brokerage … [Read more...]