Book: Thai Tuan – Selected essays and recent paintings

Category: Artists, Individual Price: US$35.00 Description: “When facing a white canvas the artist aims at going beyond the world contained in language. For a moment, at least, he forgets the name of things in order to walk into the world of pure form. His sole concern is to find ways to combine colours and forms under the guidance of some aesthetic impulse and to achieve a certain equilibrium. Thrown into the vortex of creation, the artist is no longer concerned with content or formalism.” – … [Read more...]

Land of Hope and Aspirations


Be careful what you set your heart upon – for it surely will be yours (James Baldwin) “I simply set out to paint the wishes of parents and of the next generation,” Tuan Anh says of his new paintings which explore the complexities of dreams and ambitions within a reality of rapid urbanisation and commercialisation. Baldwin turned the clichéd dictum Beware what you wish for... into something altogether more complex by adding the vaguely threatening stanza, for it surly will be yours, implying … [Read more...]

Was Van Gogh Color Blind?

vangogh_color and black and white

    Bob Duggan on August 30, 2012, 11:10 PM If there’s any artist who ever lived and knew color in his soul, it was Vincent Van Gogh. Almost mad with color, Van Gogh owned a box of different-colored yarn just so he could tangibly handle color and literally weave them together to determine how the combinations might look when put into paint. Walk through any Van Gogh exhibition on Earth and you’ll come out the other side drunk on color. But a Japanese medical scientist now … [Read more...]

A Point of Departure, a Point of Destination

do tuan anh

Natalia Kraevskaia “Because we just have a limited farmland to work, I have to come here to earn more money to feed my children…We all have to suffer from a hard life, that is the reason to come here to make our living” “There are six members in our family and my husband and I are breadwinners. Now my children have to live with their grandparents while we two come to Hanoi to make money.” “Here some people shout at me… When I am at home, no one has such an attitude towards me. It‟s true … [Read more...]


The Pond
Dimension: 240x85(cm)
Oil on linen - 2011
Do Tuan Anh

I remember a short story “Chi Yen” (Sister Yen) from the writer Ho Dzenh, he writes: “Oh, Vietnam! I bow towards this country, on the trails of the paddy, where I can smell the earth, because I drink the water and speak the language of this country; because I deeply love this country even deeper than my religious belief. On the land filled with the conciseness of the quintescence of literature and historic achievement, I am still engraved with my beloved people of the old days and one of them is … [Read more...]

Hanoi Rauschenberg

By: Hal Medrano "I think a painting is more like the real world if it's made out the real world." - Robert Rauschenberg Robert Rauschenberg took New York City trash to his studio, and glued it onto his canvases. "There is no reason," the American artist concluded, "not to consider the world as one gigantic painting." Hanoi's richly textured walls testify to Rauschenberg's once-startling assertion that everything can potentially be seen as art, if we give it the proper … [Read more...]

The Art Studio

Sarah Weiner It was the unexpected burst of red and orange against the dusty, gray stone wall that drew me into the empty alleyway.  I walked towards the color tentatively at first, dubious of the sincerity of their warmth is this city of such sickly smog. However, my pace and purpose strengthened when the indiscernible blobs of color began to take shape as messily painted letters on a dry piece of cracking wood.  “Art Studio” it said, with an arrow pointing aggressively towards the small … [Read more...]

The Vietnamese Art Scene

Nguyen Thanh Binh - Mother and Child

By: Ted Hill While researching some possible destinations in Vietnam, Ive come across something Ive never really written about before: art. The word Vietnam has always been frequently associated with war, and times of hardship, but has anyone ever seen any of the works by Nguyen Thanh Binh? Or photographs from Phan Tu Trang? According to Nguyen Qui Duc, art curator and author, It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that art is big business in Vietnam. But a lot of money is changing hands … [Read more...]

South East Asia Art And Culture

Prajnaparamita  from Singhasari, East Java

By: Vincent Ruan When thinking of the art of Indochina , one tends to think mainly of the Buddhist art displayed in temples across the area or of the Khmer architecture of Cambodia. But that is to miss a lot of what Indochina has to offer to the art lover. And the region's art is not all ancient! There is a flourishing contemporary art scene throughout the area, attracting serious buyers and collectors from across the globe. To take Vietnam as an example, we can see a long history of … [Read more...]

Quyen Truong on ‘Art-Smart’ — Art, Education, and Social Justice


I became interested in art because for a long time, drawing and painting were the primary mediums through which I felt most comfortable communicating. This was especially true when my family first moved to the United States from Vietnam, when I was seven years old.I always excelled at drawing; the ability to impress my classmates by ably emulating a Disney cartoon character with pencil and paper held a special magic for me, and enabled me to make new friends. As a shy bookworm, I yearned to … [Read more...]

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