Tran Tuyet-Mai


Nguyen Quy DucPublished on 12/1/95 on Things Asian Tran Tuyet-Mai must be one of the most self-effacing artists in Hanoi. While many cannot stop boasting about their work, she doesn't even show her work that often. She lives quietly in a small flat on the grounds of the School of Fine Arts, where she is a professor. It is there that she is passing on to a younger generation the craft, and love, of Vie tnamese traditional woodcut. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Paper Painting

Among the Vietnamese plastic arts, wood engraving is a long standing traditional one. We have inherited from our ancients from Dong Ho village a valuable tradition of wood engraving in color. These engravings are appreciated by generation to generation and have become an indispensable moral alimentation. Dong Ho images have their place deep in the soul of the people and their features have kept their sharpness in spite of the upheavals of the times. With color as red as peony, as yellow as ripe … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Modern Paintings – The Pioneers

Born in 1910 in Kien An Town, Hai Phong City, and died in 1994 in Hanoi.

By Quang Phong, Quang Viet and H.C. Vietnamismoving forward. The Vietnamese are not only looking ahead to their future, however, but also making an effort to sort out their past. Recently they have come to terms with the origin of their modern art. For many years, this has been a sensitive topic as Vietnamese modern art began as a joint product of French liberalism and Vietnamese traditionalism during a period of brutal French colonialism and strong Vietnamese patriotism. Before doi moi … [Read more...]

Nguyen Tu Nghiem — A passionate artist


(November 18, 2003) Standing in front of Apartment 110, on the ground floor of a block in Trung Tu residential quarter, Hanoi, I was looking up and down for the doorbell-button but found nothing at all. Seeing me as a stranger, a Japanese dog, with white and bushy hair, barked noisily. Following it was an elderly man on the wrong side of eighty, medium-statured, with a skin rarely tanned by the sun, in quite good shape. I understood at once the dog was his special bell. … [Read more...]

Dong Ho

Dong Ho is a small village in Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh province, located on the southern side of the Duong river (30km to the east from Hanoi,) is one of the villages that remains to preserve ancient cultural relies of Kinh Bac area (red river delta, north of Vietnam.) Dong Ho paintings have about 300 years of history in the north of Vietnam. Dong Ho folk painting is very famous because Dong ho is the only village where people know to make the "Dzo" painting with completely natural materials. The … [Read more...]