Exhibition “Migration and Identity”

Opening: Fri 26 Feb 2016, 6 pm Exhibition: 27 Feb – 13 Mar 2016, 9 am – 7 pm Goethe-Institut Hanoi 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi With the number of immigrants in Europe being higher than ever, migration is a highly topical issue particularly in Germany. The exhibition “Migration and Identity”, which can be seen from 27th of February to 13th of March at the Goethe-Institut, shows three artistic positions that deal with questions of identity in a sometimes very … [Read more...]

Exhibition: “ Stories told in an oriental way ” of artist Do Tuan Anh


Opening: Fri 29 May 2015 , 6.30 pm … [Read more...]

Event : Exhibition “Small Paintings” by Do Tuan Anh


Opening: Tue 20 Nov, 7 pm Exhibition: 21 Nov – 21 Dec 2012 Hanoi Cooking Centre, 44 Chau Long, Hanoi Hanoi contemporary artist Do Tuan Anh presents some new and unusual paintings, showing the artist’s quirky side, pairing up people and vegetables with wit and irony. Opening with music by Pham Quang Tran Minh. … [Read more...]

Deep journey home for Do Tuan Anh

VietNamNet Bridge – ‘Faraway’ by Hanoi-based artist Do Tuan Anh will open on Thursday at Craig Thomas Gallery in the city’s District 1, inviting visitors on a journey deep within his own psyche as he puts his current life as a metropolitan husband, artist and father aside to go on a journey back to the halcyon days of his rural childhood. A visitor inspects paintings by Do Tuan Anh at exhibition Faraway at Craig Thomas Gallery downtown. To Anh, the countryside is the spiritual foundation … [Read more...]

Land of Hope and Aspirations


Be careful what you set your heart upon – for it surely will be yours (James Baldwin) “I simply set out to paint the wishes of parents and of the next generation,” Tuan Anh says of his new paintings which explore the complexities of dreams and ambitions within a reality of rapid urbanisation and commercialisation. Baldwin turned the clichéd dictum Beware what you wish for... into something altogether more complex by adding the vaguely threatening stanza, for it surly will be yours, implying … [Read more...]

A Point of Departure, a Point of Destination

do tuan anh

Natalia Kraevskaia “Because we just have a limited farmland to work, I have to come here to earn more money to feed my children…We all have to suffer from a hard life, that is the reason to come here to make our living” “There are six members in our family and my husband and I are breadwinners. Now my children have to live with their grandparents while we two come to Hanoi to make money.” “Here some people shout at me… When I am at home, no one has such an attitude towards me. It‟s true … [Read more...]


The Pond
Dimension: 240x85(cm)
Oil on linen - 2011
Do Tuan Anh

I remember a short story “Chi Yen” (Sister Yen) from the writer Ho Dzenh, he writes: “Oh, Vietnam! I bow towards this country, on the trails of the paddy, where I can smell the earth, because I drink the water and speak the language of this country; because I deeply love this country even deeper than my religious belief. On the land filled with the conciseness of the quintescence of literature and historic achievement, I am still engraved with my beloved people of the old days and one of them is … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Faraway”


Opening: Thu 06 Sep, 6 – 8 pm Exhibition: 06 – 29 Sep 2012 Craig Thomas Gallery Faraway – Do Tuan Anh September 2012  In his latest series of paintings entitled Faraway, Do Tuan Anh invites us on a journey deep within his own psyche as he struggles to reconcile his current life as a metropolitan husband, artist and father with the halcyon days of his rural childhood. The heightened intensity of introspection in the paintings of Faraway is a natural evolution for an artist whose work … [Read more...]

Do Tuan Anh’s Exhibition Exhibition – “I wish”

I wish

Opening: Mon 22 Nov, 5.30 pm … [Read more...]