Vietnam art lags behind other Asian countries at int’l auctions

Though Vietnamese galleries and artists have stepped up efforts to penetrate international art markets in recent years, the country's art still fetches considerably lower prices when compared to other Southeast Asian works. In recent years, more Vietnamese galleries have joined famed art markets held in other Asian countries, for both higher revenues and opportunities to promote the country's art to the world. Such markets as the Singapore Art Fair, Art Expo Malaysia, Art Basel Hong Kong, and … [Read more...]

Changing Time

Do Quang Em - Still life on red cloth

Asian Art News, 1997 By Ian Findlay and Helene Hagemans The vitality of the contemporary Vietnamese art scene is being driven not only by clear commercial considerations, but also by artists and dealers committed to creating and promoting quality work. Less than a decade ago, contemporary Vietnamese art and artists had little resence in their own country and virtually none on the international art scene. Yet, just four years ago, the eminent critic and painter Ca Le Thang reported in … [Read more...]

Private Moments


From Asian Art News, 1996 By Ian Findlay Brown While many contemporary Vietnamese artists struggle with the desire to create experimental art for the international art market, Nguyen Thanh Binh's canvasses reflect a world of poetic private moments. Over the past seven years, the appearance of Vietnamese contemporary art on the international art market was a singular surprise. For some people, there was a sense of revelation in the variety of style and the richness of the art from a … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Art, an overview

Through the Upheavals of History Compared to other Asian countries, and according to several art commentators,Vietnam was the earliest to merge into the the main stream of modern art, as defined by the West, in both form and content. Such a fact can be easily seen with the coming into existence of Ecole Des Beaux Arts (Indochina's SchoolofFine Art) in the early 1930s, with the presence of professors fromFrance. Western style in technique and the use of color was what the first student … [Read more...]

The phases of Vietnamese Art

From "Vietnam Contemporary Art", 1996 By TheHanoi Fine Arts Publisher1925-1945 The Establishment of the Fine Art College of Indochine 1995 marks the 70th year of existence of Vietnamese painting. From 1925 to 1945, the first epoch of the history of Vietnamese painting coincides with the history of the Fine Arts College of Indochina (FACI) because it was that college which created conditions for the birth and development, vigorous until now, of Vietnamese painting... The principal promoter of … [Read more...]

Discover and Innovation

ASIAN ART NEWS, 1997 By Ian Howard While Vietnamese artists are becoming more active participants in the international art world, they have not rejected their own cultures. AsVietnamchanges rapidly, its best artists seek to confront change to create a vision that reflects modernity. During the so-called revolutionary period, 1945-1975, which included wars fought against the French and Americans, materials for private art works were extremely scarce forcing Vietnamese artists to use only small … [Read more...]

Contemporary Artists – Efforts to Build and Affirm a Novel Spirit for the New Artistic Tradition

Nguyen Trung Grey Composition, Mixed 100cm x 100cm

By Nguyen Xuan Tiep Vietnamese plastic arts enjoy a time-honored tradition. Their most prominent achievements are the famous wooden statues and engravings in communal houses, pagodas, royal tombs, shrines and temples of Northern Vietnam dating back over millennia. There were also the diverse, multi-faceted arts including the well-known, brightly colored Lang Ho and Hang Trong folk paintings (Ha Bac, Hanoi); the Champa architecture which spread from Quang Tri to Binh Dinh Province and whose … [Read more...]

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Art Tradition Emerges from Colonial Past

The Hong Kong Standard, 1998 By Richard Frost The French did little for the Vietnamese people during their 56-year colonial rule, because they never felt there was any gain in the development or education of the country. The major effect of their rule was to harden Vietnamese resolve for independence, the strength of which was displayed against French and American troops during the two wars in Indochina. But this dark colonial legacy contained a spark of light. In the 1920s an art college, … [Read more...]

Vietnamese art goes on auction in Hong Kong


Several paintings by Vietnamese artists will be up for auction at Hong Kong's Mandarin Oriental Hotel on May 29. Among the 40 lots to be auctioned off during the week, being held by leading Asian auction house Larasati, will be Self Portrait, an oil on canvas, by Vietnamese Painter Do Quang Em. The price for the painting is estimated at between US$12,900 and US$25,800, the highest so far for a Vietnamese painting at an international art auction. The auction also includes At Work, an … [Read more...]