Book: Dao Hai Phong – Twilight Moment


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$50.00 Description: Dao Hai Phong paints rural and urban landscapes with brilliant flowing waves of merging colors and light. For Phong, color is language and we are moved by the poetry he creates. Phong's works are imbued with rich, vivid colors worked with a brush and palette knife in thick strokes giving his paintings a surreal, emotional quality. Published in 1999 by The Apricot Gallery, HaNoi, VN. 94 pages, hard cover, 30cm x 26cm. … [Read more...]

Painter Dao Hai Phong finds time for Hanoi


Published on February 14, 2010 | Once a year, Dao Hai Phong, the author of unique landscape paintings, goes abroad at the invitation of international exhibitions. He talks with VietNamNet about future plans. You recently had the “Destination of Peace” exhibition in Japan. What impressed you the most in this exhibition?  I was very surprised that the exhibition was not opened for Japanese people, but for Europeans and Americans who live in Japan. Japanese people like traditional … [Read more...]

Dao Hai Phong, or My Saturday Affair

Published on May 10, 2005 How It All Began... Last Saturday the weather forecasters predicted a rainy weekend. Somehow, even in the 21st century, we're still paying people for predictions, and still getting surprised when they don't presage reality. I went out for a walk, to take advantage of the few moments before the rains came and thereby dispelled my propensity to look all about me on my ambles. I returned home 4 hours later, as dry as when I'd left the house, if one kindly overlooks … [Read more...]

Book: Dao Hai Phong


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$55.00 Description: “Dao Hai Phong’s paintings captured my soul the moment I set foot inside his studio. I was stunned by the bold colours used in his work. His unique style in employing these colours and their resulting light creates a mystical feel in each painting.” said Pham Anh Dung of the Gallerie Vinh Loi in HCMC. Published in 2000 by Gallery Vinh Loi, HaNoi, VN. 98 pages, hard cover, 27 cm x 31 cm. Bilingual: Vietnamese, English. … [Read more...]

Painter Dao Hai Phong

Dao Hai Phong’s paintings have a dreamy quality that makes them captivating. While the subjects in his paintings are not distinctive, they are illuminating with a real sense of time and essence of light. Phong’s paintings often capture sceneries just as time is changing from one part of the day to the next – when evening comes, after the rain, as moonlight is at its most glorious. Phong uses dramatic colours, especially his signature vivid blue, and simplicity of structures superbly to this … [Read more...]

Do Hoang Tuong – Dao Hai Phong – Le Thanh Son


Published on Nov 8 - Dec 23, 2010 DO HOANG TUONG Do Hoang Tuong, now in his early 50s, has carved himself a reputation in Vietnam as an artist of great originality. His work is both challenging and courageous, based primarily on his own experiences but also representing a wider vision of Vietnam. Uniquely unsettling and disquieting, his paintings offer a distinctive insight into a country’s past and present. In 1984, Tuong graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University and in … [Read more...]

‘Things Everlasting’ concert unites art and music


Published on August 30, 2010 To complement musical works about Hanoi or composed by Hanoians, noted painter Dao Hai Phong has contributed 30 oil paintings of his hometown to the annual VietNamNet concert on September 2.  VietNamNet Bridge – A concert at the Hanoi Opera House on National Day will celebrate the capital city. To complement the musical works about Hanoi or composed by Hanoians, the noted painter Dao Hai Phong has contributed 30 oil paintings of his hometown. The paintings … [Read more...]

Dao Hai Phong

dao hai phong

"When Fine Art descends onto the streets with appeals, it presents a love of beauty, voiced sufferings, expanding the limits of experimentation and discovery of furtive sexual desire and eroticism, as well as modernistic tradition. Dao Hai Phong’s paintings give us space for serene, peaceful and sincere contemplation. He is a prolific painter but his work is measured and controlled. A deep meditation lurks behind romantic flashes of trees, cloud, sky, a street in the rain, walls, windows and … [Read more...]

Book: Separate Paths – Vietnam Contemporary Fine Art


Category: Contemporary Art Unit Price: US$65.00 Description: An impressive collection of today's top contemporary artists with works by the master Nguyen Tu Nghiem, followed by: Thanh Binh, Thanh Chuong, Le Thiet Cuong, Hong Viet Dung, Dang Xuan Hoa, Bui Huu Hung, Vo Ta Hung, Dao Hai Phong, Quang Dong Phuong, Dinh Quan, Do Son, Le Thanh Son, Le Vuong and Hoang Phuong Vy. Published in 2001 by Dragon Gallery, HaNoi, VN. 155 pages, hard cover, 26 cm x 30 cm. Bilingual – Vietnamese, … [Read more...]

Viet Art at a Turning Point

Dao Hai Phong - fishing season oil on canvas

The Straits Times Singapore, January 2007 Arts Correspondent By Clara Chow After the false start of the 1990s,Vietnam’s art is poised to take on a higher profile, despite rampant fakes and copying. Soon after Karen Ong moved to Hanoi on a job posting in 2003,she was lured by a landcape with a blood red sky. It was a US$1,200 painting title Ky Niem(Vietnamese for memory),by well-known Vietnamese artist Dao Hai Phong. She had spotted it in a little gallery wile wandering around … [Read more...]