Viet-Thai painting gallery opens

  A gallery specialising in the modern art of Thailand and Vietnam will open in Bangkok on Aril 27. The BaBaBa Gallery, owned by Tina Vanichtheeranont, will display art, antiques and historic archives. Vanichtheeranont first started collecting Vietnamese paintings 20 years ago. He now owns 2,000 pieces by renowned Vietnamese artists. His valuable collection will be exhibited at the gallery. For the last few years the Thai collector has organised several exhibitions in Bangkok … [Read more...]

Famous painting collector passes away


Mr. Le Thai Son, a well-known painting collector in HCM City, died at his home on July 26, at the age of 44. Son left a collection of 500 paintings and projects to preserve Vietnam arts. Painting collector Le Thai Son. Son had a stroke near his house on the evening of July 26. His neighbors quickly discovered the incident but the collector passed away at his home. Son was a heart patient. The collector was brought to his home town in Ninh Binh province for burying. The collector’s … [Read more...]

The Collector’s Confessions

Tran Hau Tuan

Reprinted from Contemporary Vietnam Art I was born in Hanoi. A child of a couple of doctors, I grew up in an army hospital living quarter. We led a simple and needy life. All of us children of army men lived in uniformly narrow rooms, listened to the same music broadcast by the Voice of Vietnam, seldom had good books to read and myself never saw an art book. At the age of 14, as a high school student, I got new friends whose parents belonged to various social sectors. I had the unexpected … [Read more...]

Collecting Paintings

This page is meant to be a brief guide that will give some advice on what to consider when you purchase art works - in particular paintings, whether you are a casual buyer or a more serious collector. There are no fixed rules when buying art works, but it may be wise to consider some advice in the process. 1.The first advice is simple - buy what you like! This may sound obvious, but you will not want to live with a piece of art work which you do not really like, but perhaps bought because it … [Read more...]

Raquelle Azran – Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art

Nguyen Quang Minh, White Fandancers

Raquelle Azran - collector, museum curator and gallerist, specializing (since 1991) in contemporary Vietnamese fine art. Museum exhibitions include Wilfrid Museum, Israel (2002, 2005) and National Fine Arts Museum, Vietnam (2007). Her 2007 London Bankside exhibition Of This and Other Worlds was featured in the Times and the Guardian, and Artnews. Works from her collection are on loan to international museums. Consultant to embassies, collectors and corporate clients. A first encounter with … [Read more...]

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The Collector: Dinh Q. Le

The Vietnamese-American Artist Talks About Loss and Hoarding By ALEXANDRA A. SENO In 1978, when he was just 10 years old, Dinh Q. Le and his family -- his mother, six siblings, two aunts and a few cousins -- fled their home in Ha Tien, a town on the Mekong river delta. They had lived through the Vietnam War, which ended in 1975, but wanted to get away from continuing military skirmishes, this time between the Cambodian Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese troops. Eventually, they resettled in the U.S. … [Read more...]

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