Cham Museum

Entrance to the Cham Museum

By Tran Ky Phuong Published on 6/1/95 on Things Asian Built in 1915, the Museum of Champa Sculpture in Danang displays an intensive and diverse collection of Champa sculpture dating from the 7th to the 15th centuries. The museum was established at the end of the 19th century by the Ecole Francaise d'Extreme Orient with a collection of artifacts gathered in central Vietnam, from Quang Binh to Binh Dinh. They were then displayed at Le Jardin de Tourane on a small hill by the Han River. … [Read more...]

Cham photo festival opens in Da Nang

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An exhibition featuring 252 photos of Cham ethnic festivals is now being held at the Museum of Cham Sculpture in the central coastal city of Da Nang. They were taken in villages and temples in the central province of Ninh Thuan by Truong Van An, director of the province's museum. The photos depict the main festivals of Cham people, such as Yuor Yang (praying for rain), Ndam Cuh (cremation ceremony), Kate and Chabun (veneration for the gods). The exhibition will last until the end of … [Read more...]

Cham people celebrate Kate festival in Binh Thuan

The traditional Kate festival of the Cham people in the southern province of Binh Thuan is attracting thousands of local people and tourists. A procession of the Po Sah Inu Goddess' costume was held in early morning Sept. 25 (the 30th day of the 6th month on the Cham people's calendar) in Phan Thiet city, followed by folk dances and games, and demonstration of brocade weaving and pottery. The Cham people celebrate Kate festival in the first 10 days of the 7th month of the Cham Calendar to … [Read more...]

City exhibition features minority arts and traditions


An exhibition featuring artworks by ethnic minority groups is being held at the District 5 Cultural Center of in Ho Chi Minh City. The show, being held by the HCMC Ethnic Minority Literature and Arts Association, has 121 works including lacquer paintings by Cham artists, photos depicting the daily life and religious festivals of the Khmer, and several traditional costumes and music instruments. … [Read more...]