Ambassador of arts

Nora Annesley Taylor, a Swiss researcher, is known among researchers and art critics of the West, Asia and Vietnam in particular. She has come to Vietnam to research and work since 1990. Her researches focus on Vietnam and Asia ’s contemporary arts. Nora has good command of five languages. She speaks Vietnamese as smoothly as her mother tongue. She used to be an associate professor of humanities and art science at the University of Arizona and now is Southeast Asian art … [Read more...]

Vietnamese silk painting

French painter Victor Tardieu (1870 - 1937) opened the Indochina Art College in Hanoi in 1925 after recognizing Vietnamese's fine arts ability during his period of living in Vietnam. Tardieu was completely successful with his first class, which created a famous generation of Vietnamese artists, including: Nguyen Phan Chanh, Cong Van Trung , Le Pho , Mai Trung Thu , Le Van De , Tran Van Can, Nguyen Tien Chung and Le Thi Luu . In 1931, these students made a strong impression on 64 … [Read more...]

Event : Picasso with his abstract style in Ho Chi Minh

A painting class among Canvas and Wine series is coming up on 20th November at Vin Gallery. Picasso with his abstract style seems to be very attractive theme for all art lovers. More interesting, coming to Canvas&Wine will bring you a good opportunity to both paint and drink with your friends. Let's join us! … [Read more...]

Event: Canvas&Wine: Bui Xuan Phai & Hanoi street scenes

Press Release: 6.30pm to 9pm at VinSpace Art Studio, 6 Lê Văn Miến, Thảo Điền, D2Canvas and Wine is a social event where you will paint and drink in the company of friends and with the help of an Instructor. This is a fun, creative class for all, no matter your painting level. With a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, this is the perfect way to get creative Bui Xuan Phai (1920-1988) was one of the most remarkable, most charming and most unusual figures of Vietnamese modern … [Read more...]

Vietnam art lags behind other Asian countries at int’l auctions

Though Vietnamese galleries and artists have stepped up efforts to penetrate international art markets in recent years, the country's art still fetches considerably lower prices when compared to other Southeast Asian works. In recent years, more Vietnamese galleries have joined famed art markets held in other Asian countries, for both higher revenues and opportunities to promote the country's art to the world. Such markets as the Singapore Art Fair, Art Expo Malaysia, Art Basel Hong Kong, and … [Read more...]

Hanoiologist receives “Bui Xuan Phai-Love for Hanoi” award 2014

Hanoiologist and Han-Nom researcher Han Nom Vu Tuan San (C ) was honored with the "Bui Xuan Phai- Love for Hanoi" award 2014. (Photo: Sggp)

Hanoiologist and Han-Nom researcher Vu Tuan San was honored for his great contributions to the city of Hanoi with the "Bui Xuan Phai- Love for Hanoi" grand award in the capital on August 28. He is acknowledged as a founding father of the research on Thang Long-Hanoi. … [Read more...]

How to Distinguish an Authentic Phái from a Fake

In Viet Nam, there are as yet no art experts trained in a regular academic programme or qualified in this domain. Prospective buyers of paintings of famous Vietnamese artists, especially of Bùi Xuân Phái, can't help getting anxious about deceits - if they fall across a fake? This is in fact a not infrequent occurene in the current art market. Then, how to tell original paintings from copies? This has actually become a real know-how which is based upon some essential elements: experience and … [Read more...]

Book: Bui Xuan Phai – Reflections on Arts

Category: Artist, Individual Unit Price: US$18.00 Description: The work of Bui Xuan Phai is considered a Vietnamese soul. This new book commemorates the 15th anniversary of the famous artist's death in 1998. The book contains excerpts from Phai's life-long, daily diary. His thoughts on art and life illuminate the massive body of work he left behind. Published in 2003 by The Fine Arts Publishing Hours, HaNoi, VN. 144 pages, soft cover, 13 cm x 20.5 cm. Bilingual - Vietnamese, English. … [Read more...]

Bui Xuan Phai and Other Painters in Hanoi (2002)

One of the great painters in this century, the Vietnamese artist Bui Xuan Phai passed away eleven years ago. He lived his life in poverty, and his talent was mostly disregarded by his contemporaries. He has gained a lot of recognition however, after his death – and so has thousands of artists who live in Hanoi, the vibrant art capital of Asia. On 23rd June 1988 in the evening, Bui Xuan Phai painted a small, charming self-portrait and wrote underneath it: " The most important thing is now to … [Read more...]

In the shadows of Hanoi

In the cultural history of Vietnam, Hanoi has traditionally wielded inspiration for artists, crystallized in a strange mixture of its own rich Vietnamese heritage and the French colonial past, whose convergence reflects a unique aesthetic and temporal collision course within the country’s contemporary art history. Although the charm of Hanoi’s landscape has allowed numerous artists to borrow freely from its picturesque language that has contributed to a strong intellectual life, few artists … [Read more...]