Vietnamese young contemporary artists – chances and challenges

Contemporary art, mostly with the involvement of young artists, has developed in Vietnam for decades characterized by the use of a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenges traditional boundaries. Young artists while indulging themselves in on August 20's contemporary art want to raise their voice on the varied and changing cultural landscapes of identity, values, and beliefs as well as to reflect a wide range of social issues. In Vietnam, playgrounds … [Read more...]

City gallery celebrates 5th year with group exhibition

Bright and beautiful: Lieu Nguyen's acrylic on canvas Hoa Dao 2 (Peach Blossom 2) on show at the Coming of Age group exhibition that celebrates the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Craig Thomas Gallery in HCM City.

A group exhibition featuring works by 14 Vietnamese artists will has opened yesterday to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Craig Thomas Gallery. HCM CITY (VNS) — The Coming of Age exhibition is an eclectic mix of painting, sculpture and installation works realised especially for the occasion. The artists on show include those who have been with the gallery since it opened, Lieu Nguyen, Lim Khim Ka Ty, Tran Quoc Tuan, and Bui Tien Tuan, and those who joined later like Pham … [Read more...]

Outdoor sculptures on display in Vietnam metro


The exhibition features 64 works by 50 artists nationwide, half of whom are young ones, including Chi (Point) by Nguyen Tan Cuong, Tai tao (renewable) by Tran Tuan Nghia, and Noi toi (My grandfather) by Nguyen Van Chuoc. According to the exhibit organizer, the city’s Association of Fine Arts, the exhibition will run until February 5, after which the best sculptural works will be featured at Nguyen Hue flower street during Tet holiday. The exhibition also includes a display book of Ho Chi … [Read more...]