Book: Dao Hai Phong


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$55.00 Description: “Dao Hai Phong’s paintings captured my soul the moment I set foot inside his studio. I was stunned by the bold colours used in his work. His unique style in employing these colours and their resulting light creates a mystical feel in each painting.” said Pham Anh Dung of the Gallerie Vinh Loi in HCMC. Published in 2000 by Gallery Vinh Loi, HaNoi, VN. 98 pages, hard cover, 27 cm x 31 cm. Bilingual: Vietnamese, English. … [Read more...]

Book: Thanh Van – The Red Leaf Season


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$55.00 Description: Thanh Van's vision encompasses both simplicity and selectivity. One does not just sense the movement of time but the vast panorama of space from his paintings. This vision allows his viewers to capture the essence of the happiness of spring and summer and the serenity of autumn and winter that envelope the 36 ancient streets of HaNoi. Published in 2001 by Gallery Vinh Loi, HaNoi, VN. 106 pages, hard cover, 27 cm x 31 cm. … [Read more...]

Book: The Sonata of Viet Nam Countryside


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price:US$15.00 Description: The works of Nguyen Van Cuong. “In the rural orchestra of Nguyen van Cuong’s fine art, there is note, melody, a music instrument within their own place. His pictures are loved by everyone.” - Nguyen Quan. Published in 2000 by The Nhat Le Art Gallery, VN. 44 pages, hard cover, 21 cm x 21 cm. Bilingual: Vietnamese, English. … [Read more...]

Book: Ha Tri Hieu


Category:  Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$15.00 Description: A 1998 exhibition book by an important artist. Ha Tri Hieu is a member of the prestigious “Gang of Five”, a group of HaNoi artists. Published in 1998 by the Fine Art Publishers, HaNoi, VN. 34 pages, hard cover, 20cm x 20cm. Bilingual - Vietnamese, English. … [Read more...]

Book: Recollection


Unit Price: US $25.00 Now 53 years old, Bui Huu Hung is one of the most renowned , respected and important contemporary artists in Vietnam. He is also one of the most original – the undisputed maser of the challengingly complex and mysterious art of lacquer painting. He has taken an ancient Vietnamese craft and technique and breathed new life into it, producing works of astonishing refinement, understated elegance and timeless beauty. … [Read more...]

Book: A novel tradition


  Unit Price: US $25.00 Published in1999 Bui Huu Hung published by Apricot Gallery Ha noi Viet Nam and Plum Blossoms Hong Kong Foreword by Ngo Tan Trong Nghia     Many years ago, while visiting a friend of mine, I was truck with surprise when I saw in his living-room a large lacquer painting several teenage girls in their traditional dress. What a beautiful painting! It looked very ancient, with subjects apparently from folk stories, in the dim, diffused light of pagodas … [Read more...]

Book: Art Awards (Giai Chuong Hoi My Thuat 93-03)


Category: Contemporary Art Unit Price: $50.00 Description: The official Vietnam Fine Art Association, awards book for art created between 1993 – 2003. Published in 2004 by Fine Art Publishers, HaNoi, Vietnam. 144 pages, hard cover, 21cm x 29.5 cm. In Vietnamese only. … [Read more...]

Book: The land of Legends


Unit Price: US $25.00 Printed in 2008 Bui Huu Hung The Land of Legends published by Gallery Ben Thanh ART&FRAME and Galerie Nguyen “…Fine art lacquer will be a great contemporary fine art revolution in future.” Said by a famous Vietnam artist at National Art Festival in The Northernmost Vietnam Base, an anti-French colonialist year’s 50’ last century.  Famous artist Nguyen Gia Tri also said, “…owning a lacquer painting is likely keeping a high value antique and it’ value prices … [Read more...]

Book: Vietnam nostalgia


Price: US 25.00 Printed in 2005 Bui Huu Hung Viet Nam Nostalgia published by Galerie J.D. Armengaud, Paris & Red river Gallery Ha noi Enjoying Bui Huu Hung paintings  - By professor and art critic Nguyen Ngoc Dung Art is often a representation of the general experience of mankind, but here, this representation is the artist’s own, wholly separate and unique. Bui Huu Hung’s works are beautifully varied, yet they centre around a common theme - the  theme of recollection, of memory. … [Read more...]

Book: Asian Art & Culture – Viet Nam


Category: Contemporary Art Unit Price: US$20.00 Description: This publication (Vol. 7 No. 1) by the Arthur M. Sackler gallery of the Smithsonian Institution was published in 1994. To date, it is still one of the best references and introduction one can have to the Vietnamese art and culture. In covers contemporary art and paintings, poetry, ceramics, textile as well as other important cultural information. In particular, two articles, by Nguyen Quan and Jeffrey Hantover give a great … [Read more...]