Artist Dao Hai Phong : Life should not be seen with “black” artistic vision

Potrait Artist Dao Hai Phong

DON'T LOOK AT OUR SOCIETY WITH DARK ARTISTIC VISION Artist Dao Hai Phong - an outstanding character of Vietnamese Fine Arts and Paintings since the end of decade 1990 revealed his meditations on Vietnamese Fine Arts and Paintings in the near future. He also expressed much of his suspicions over identities of modern Vietnamese paintings. Although it was a period of economic downturn for the year 2012, in particular, there have been numerous individual fine art exhibitions held by many young … [Read more...]

Lacquer Painting

From "Vietnam Contemporary Art", 1996 By The Hanoi Fine Arts Publisher The principal material for pumice lacquer painting is Vietnamese lacquer, used to lacquer cultural objects and current usage articles. After his arrival in Hanoi, one day Inguimberty accompanied Nam Son in a visit to the Temple of Literature. He was amazed at a layer of lacquer covering the ancient cultural objects, the parallel sentences and the columns of the sanctuary. Time - several centuries - had changed this layer of … [Read more...]