First private house displays exhibits on Russian literature

People tour exhibits at the memorial house

PANO – The first private memorial house "Russian literature in Vietnam" opened in Phu Luu ward, Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province on May 23rd. … [Read more...]

Prosperity paintings

For hundreds of years, Vietnamese have bought special Tet paintings during the Lunar New Year season. Dong Ho paintings like Ga dan ( Flock of chickens ) (L) and Lon dan ( Herd of pigs ) are two of the most sought after Tet paintings during the Lunar New Year holiday season Vietnamese, both in the countryside and the cities, spend long days shopping for new goods to ring in the New Year during the Tet season, and they never fail to bring home a few festive paintings made especially … [Read more...]

Dong Ho folk paintings regain popularity during Tet

Popular Đong Hồ folk painting "Đám Cưới Chuột" (Mice's Wedding)

Emilie Charrier proudly displays a Dong Ho folk painting called, "Dam Cuoi Chuot" (Mice's Wedding) at home for her friends visiting on the occasion of Tet (Lunar New Year). BAC NINH - Emilie Charrier proudly displays a Dong Ho folk painting called, "Dam Cuoi Chuot" (Mice's Wedding) at home for her friends visiting on the occasion of Tet (Lunar New Year). … [Read more...]

Artist puts creative spin on traditional pottery

Creative vessels: Painter Tran Do Nghia with his ceramic work.

VietNamNet Bridge - While the north once had many pottery villages producing quality ceramics, most of today's artisans are only interested in commercial work. But artist Tran Do Nghia is an exception. On the occasion of the 2010 Hue Festival, painter Tran Do Nghia unveiled 40 poetry-inscribed ceramic plates in the former royal city of Hue on the banks of the Huong River. … [Read more...]

Traditional Tet Paintings – Dong Ho Prints


You may have seen them before. They adorn the walls of Vietnamese restaurants everywhere in the world, there may be one hiding by the cash register at the neighborhood Vietnamese business, your Vietnamese friends hang them up as Lunar New Year approaches. In Vietnam , production of these folk paintings peaks right before Tet as merchants stock up in anticipation of heavy customer demand. These paintings are traditionally used to decorate homes for the New Year festival. … [Read more...]

Photo-painting exhibition scheduled in September


The exhibition of paintings by Dao Hai Phong and photos by Ngoc Thai will be held in Hanoi this September. The duo exhibition will take place at Hotel de l'Opéra on September 7-9, 2011. This will be the dialogue between colorful oil paintings by senior artist Dao Hai Phong and black-and-white photos by Ngoc Thai. The event's artistic manager is famous painter, Le Thiet Cuong. Cuong will also introduce his one painting at the exhibition. The exhibition is part of the series of cultural and art … [Read more...]

Dong Ho

Dong Ho is a small village in Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh province, located on the southern side of the Duong river (30km to the east from Hanoi,) is one of the villages that remains to preserve ancient cultural relies of Kinh Bac area (red river delta, north of Vietnam.) Dong Ho paintings have about 300 years of history in the north of Vietnam. Dong Ho folk painting is very famous because Dong ho is the only village where people know to make the "Dzo" painting with completely natural materials. The … [Read more...]

Festival honours pottery-making and lacquer


The Hue Traditional Craft Village Festival will be held from June 12-14 on the theme of "Hue's traditional trades: characters and development". … [Read more...]