French expert highly regards Vietnamese art

Jean François Hubert, a French senior expert of leading auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's, ranks Vietnam’s paintings from the 1930s-1980s above those of other Asian countries. He also has a high opinion of the country’s art today. Hubert, a leading authority on Vietnamese art at two world-famous auction houses, shared that he loves  Vietnamese paintings mostly for their simplicity. The country’s art was at its prime from 1930 to 1980 and boasted several revered artists, including Le … [Read more...]

Spring colors in paintings by eight artists

VietNamNet Bridge – A painting exhibition introducing artworks on spiritual and cultural activities of Vietnamese during the lunar New Year by eight artists opened at the Tu Do Gallery, HCM City on January 5. The exhibition brings together the works of eight artists: Nguyen Van Phuong, Trinh Thanh Tung, Bui Quang Anh, Nguyen Tuan Duc, Pham Minh Tung, Van Chien, Quang Hai and Tran Thi Thu Ha. “Praying for predestined love” by Pham Minh Tung. "Giving offering at Ngoc Son … [Read more...]

US veteran draws portraits of local artists

An art exhibition by US war veteran Kevin Bowen opened in Hanoi on December 16 to showcase thirty oil paintings of famous Vietnamese writers, poets and artists. The three-day event, entitled “Một gương mặt của lịch sử” (A face of history), was part of poet Kevin Bowen and his colleagues visit to Vietnam. Kevin drew the portraits of the famous poets, writers and artists during his meetings, including poet Vu Tu Nam, writer Nguyen Quang Sang, writer Nguyen Ngoc, writer Nguyen Khai, poet Lam … [Read more...]

Handicraft sector told to refresh itself

Thuy Dung HANOI – The handicraft industry provides many jobs, especially in rural areas, and brings in billions of dollars in export revenue each year. However, in changing local and foreign markets with consumer tastes never staying the same, the industry is facing an urgent need for change to survive and improve the competitiveness of its products. This was the common view shared by participants at a forum “Consulting on designs and outlets for Vietnam handicraft products” organized by … [Read more...]

Khue Nguyen — a Naked Star


Guest diaCRITIC blogger Boitran Huynh-Beattie—a professor, curator and art historian in Australia—introduces a talented Vietnamese-Australian gay artist, Khue Nguyen. Last year, Nguyen was a finalist with his self-portrait, Unleashed, in the prestigious Archibald Prize of 2010. He is currently exhibiting his collected works, In Search of Sensuality, in Sydney. His art is expressive and evocative, with textural layers of differing styles revealing simultaneous meanings—especially his stunning … [Read more...]

In Conversation with Artist Hoang Duong Cam


I met artist Hoang Duong Cam on an art trip to Vietnam in 2007 and was immediately struck by the impact of his artwork—at once deeply personal and thoughtful as well as fantastically creative and culturally relevant.  As I perused his website I came across a diverse range of recent and upcoming work.  I asked if I could send him a few questions with hopes of possibly unveiling a deeper understanding of the influences behind his art making…  he generously agreed. LT:   When did you know you … [Read more...]


The Pond
Dimension: 240x85(cm)
Oil on linen - 2011
Do Tuan Anh

I remember a short story “Chi Yen” (Sister Yen) from the writer Ho Dzenh, he writes: “Oh, Vietnam! I bow towards this country, on the trails of the paddy, where I can smell the earth, because I drink the water and speak the language of this country; because I deeply love this country even deeper than my religious belief. On the land filled with the conciseness of the quintescence of literature and historic achievement, I am still engraved with my beloved people of the old days and one of them is … [Read more...]

Book: Bui Huu Hung – A Novel Tradition


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$50.00 Description: Bui Huu Hung is an artist of HaNoi whose work is in the traditional media of lacquer painting. His works are like the new HaNoi both steeped in tradition but painted in a thoroughly modern context. "Bui Huu Hung undoubtedly possesses all these qualities, subtle intuition, continuous experimentation, devotion to art and a profundity of artistic thought. All these qualities have brought success to his creative work and made … [Read more...]

Book: Dao Hai Phong – Twilight Moment


Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$50.00 Description: Dao Hai Phong paints rural and urban landscapes with brilliant flowing waves of merging colors and light. For Phong, color is language and we are moved by the poetry he creates. Phong's works are imbued with rich, vivid colors worked with a brush and palette knife in thick strokes giving his paintings a surreal, emotional quality. Published in 1999 by The Apricot Gallery, HaNoi, VN. 94 pages, hard cover, 30cm x 26cm. … [Read more...]

Book: Le Thiet Cuong – The Way Beyond Landscape


  Category: Artists, Individual Unit Price: US$30.00 Description: An exhibition book by an artist, who is well known in VietNam and abroad. Le Thiet Cuong's vision of beauty does not come from nature, but rather, from his heart and mind. Published in 2000 VN. 54 pages, hard cover, 28cm x 22cm. Bilingual - Vietnamese, English … [Read more...]