Was Van Gogh Color Blind?

vangogh_color and black and white

    Bob Duggan on August 30, 2012, 11:10 PM If there’s any artist who ever lived and knew color in his soul, it was Vincent Van Gogh. Almost mad with color, Van Gogh owned a box of different-colored yarn just so he could tangibly handle color and literally weave them together to determine how the combinations might look when put into paint. Walk through any Van Gogh exhibition on Earth and you’ll come out the other side drunk on color. But a Japanese medical scientist now … [Read more...]

MoCA of the Month

Sàn Art (“sàn” meaning “platform”) is an independent, artist‐initiated contemporary art space and reading room. Though small in scale, it is currently the country’s most active non‐profit arts organization based in Ho Chi Minh City and was founded in 2007 by four Vietnamese visual artists. Sàn Art is a production house, showcase venue and meeting place. As introduction to the project follows a long statement by Sàn Art’s initiators and directors. Sàn Art, Collection Show, November … [Read more...]

Simple, effective transport boxes for paintings

by Bettina Ebert Aug 29, 2011 Wouldn't we all love to have access to expertly crafted, custom-made museum transport crates when shipping works of art? Unfortunately, the realities of collecting art in Southeast Asia make this almost impossible. Therefore, we have come up with a simple system that involves readily available materials and is easy and cheap to make in Southeast Asia. Tube for rolled paintings Oversized contemporary paintings can be rolled and transported inside a … [Read more...]

As China takes lead in international art world, South and Southeast Asian art follows steadily behind

Pakistani, Indonesian, and Vietnamese contemporary art burgeon in United States New York, NY (May 12, 2011)— As China just surpassed the U.S. in terms of fine-art auction revenue according to Artprice (March 2011), the recent surge of South and Southeast Asian art at auction, galleries, and museums is proving to the Western world that it’s not just China that can play with the big boys. “Sure, China is hot, but that’s just the peak of the iceberg,” states Lorenz Rudolf, former director of Art … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Lacquer Art

Making Red Lacquer

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Lacquer Paintings


Lacquer paintings are ancient paintings that regained their popularity in the world art scene for the last decade. Vietnam and Burma are two main producers of this distinctive art. The two countries were just recently opened up to tourism and started exhibiting their highly skilled artists. … [Read more...]

The Awakening of Hanoi [Part 2]

Vu Dan Tan

By JENNIFER CONLIN Published: February 18, 2007 “We were the first private art gallery to open after doi moi,” she said referring to the Communist government's decision in 1986 to allow foreign trade and private ownership. A poet's daughter who grew up around artists — many of whom painted her portrait as a child — Mai opened her original gallery in 1993 with the help of her parents. “Previously, every gallery was state owned, and Vietnamese contemporary art was anonymous to the rest of … [Read more...]

The Awakening of Hanoi [Part 1]

The Apricot Gallery.

By JENNIFER CONLIN Published: February 18, 2007 To find the Mai Gallery in Hanoi, you must first walk down the bustling avenue of Le Thanh Tong, a street filled with flower stalls, neighborhood shops, sidewalk cafes and the ubiquitous roar of hundreds of motorbikes streaming in the direction of the century-old opera house. As you turn down Phan Huy Chu, one of a maze of narrow alleys in the Old Quarter, the throngs of teenagers leaning against parked mopeds with their cellphones cupped to … [Read more...]

Glenn Aber Showcases Contemporary Vietnamese Art in Home Gallery

Dinh Y Nhi - Security checked

By Kate Knowles May 25, 2011  Glenn Aber, a prominent art aficionado has developed a sincere love for Vietnamese Contemporary Art. He has showcased a multitude of paintings in his home gallery, AiBo Fine Asian Art. The eyes of the young girl in the painting tell a story.  She has a weathered face that yearns to know more.  She cannot be more than six or seven, however, her expression makes her look older than her years.  She has a powerful story to share if given the chance. Glenn … [Read more...]

Framing the National Spirit – Viewing and Reviewing Painting under the Revolution [Part 2]


By Nora A. Taylor in The Country of Memory: Remaking the Past in Late Socialist Vietnam edited by Hue-Tam Ho Tai the Communist Party from 1941 until 1956, outlined the task of the artist: “to draw from reality what is typical, what people can see at first glance, gather facts, ideas and contradictions into a lively picture, and indicate the right direction leading to the correct Future.”[8] Portraits were mostly considered trivial exercises in physiognomy and therefore irrelevant to the … [Read more...]