Glimmers of hope for Vietnamese to collect artworks

After many years of being almost exclusively oriented to foreign clients, some galleries are finding appropriate ways to return to the potential of the local market. The original methods they thought of in the beginning included organizing a sales network, and having art showcased at artist’s private homes or in the courtyards of some friendly embassies, or at newly opened hotels. They also tried to understand and study the psychology of Vietnamese clients in fine arts and sculpture. A … [Read more...]

Exhibition “And Flowers Showered”

Exhibition: 10 Jun - 08 Jul 2011 Art Vietnam, 7 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Hanoi You are invited to the exhibition "And Flowers Showered" of artist Nguyen The Hung. In this romantic outpouring of emotion, artist Nguyen The Hung uses the images of flowers, real, imagined, or newspaper composites of life cut into flower shapes, as a metaphor for the passion contained in all mankind. As the artist states: "My idea is to paint flowers flying the air, falling like rain from pregnant clouds or sentiment from … [Read more...]