Exhibition “Endoscopy”

Mai Gallery and Artist Doan Hoang Lam request the honor of your presence to the opening of the exhibition ENDOSCOPY Time: 17h00, 30th March 2013 Venue: ART TALK CAFE - 3rd Floor 12 Quan Su street, Hanoi … [Read more...]

Expatriate artist to display work in capital

Australian artist Robert Natoli will hold his first exhibition in Ha Noi at the Art Talk Cafe (also known as Mai Gallery) at 12 Quan Su Street on Saturday. During the three-day display, art lovers will have chance to enjoy Natoli’s artworks, including paintings, etchings and small ceramic objects. The work he has produced over the past three years explores his personal response to the environment which he has come to live in and enjoy. The exhibition, entitled Cage, will wrap up next … [Read more...]

Exhibition “Cage”

Exhibition: 09 – 11 Mar 2013 Art Talk Cafe 12 Quan Su street, Hanoi Expatriate Australian Artist Robert Natoli will be holding his first Hanoi  based  exhibition. After living in Hanoi for almost 3 years, Rob Natoli has produced an exhibition of paintings, etchings and small ceramic objects that explore a personal response to the environment in which he has come to live and enjoy. The exhibition, quirkily called CAGE, combines the artist’s spontaneous mark making techniques in a variety of … [Read more...]

Artist Talk with the German Choreographer Anna Konjetzky

Opening: Sun 17 Feb, 4.30 pm Exhibition: 17 – 27 Feb 2013 Art Talk Cafe 12 Quan Su street, Hanoi Come to the painting exhibition “HELLO 2013!” of two Vietnamese painters: Phan Thu Trang and Hoang Tuan to welcome the new year. … [Read more...]

Young artists honor Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge - A multidimensional Hanoi is portrayed by 13 artists in a variety of styles and materials in the ongoing exhibition at Art Talk Café, 12 Quan Su, Hanoi. "Made in Hanoi" is held by Mai Gallery with the idea of an annual exhibition at the beginning of the year to honor Hanoi. Many artists supported the idea and sent their works to the gallery. The first exhibition in 2013 brings together the paintings by 13 artists, who are talented young painters. In "Made in Hanoi", two … [Read more...]

Event: Exhibition “Made in Hanoi”


Opening: Sun 13 Jan, 4.30 pm Exhibition: 13 Jan – 13 Feb 2013 Art Talk Cafe 12 Quan Su Str, Hanoi Come to Group Exhibition titled MADE IN HANOI of 13 artists: Chu Viet Cuong, Do Hiep, Pham Quang Hieu, Le Chi Hieu, Nguyen Van Ho, Trinh Ngoc Lien, Trieu Long, Pham Tuan Tu, Trinh Minh Tien, Nguyen Thanh Son, Nguyen Hoang Tung, Luong Trung and Vu Duc Trung. Each artist contributes to the exhibition 2 latest artworks. The artists have their own styles and work on different materials to produce … [Read more...]

Event : Exhibition “But is it landscape”


Exhibition But is it landscape Opening: Wed 12 Dec, 12.12 pm Exhibition: 12 – 26 Dec 2012 Art Talk Cafe 12 Quan Su Str, Hanoi From the organizer: Come to the lacquer painting exhibition by Vu Duc Trung. Nguyet Nguyen comments about the artist: “Trung is quite interested in abstract-expressive expressions, and one can see the continuation in his works, from firgure to non-firgure paintings. One cannot in lacquer calculate in advance how the work will look in final stage. The process … [Read more...]

Event: Painting Exhibition “Mot, Hai, Ba”


Opening: Sat 24 Nov, 4.30 pm Exhibition: 24 Nov – 01 Dec 2012 Art Talk Cafe 12 Quan Su Str, Hanoi A lacquer painting exhibition by 3 contemporary lacquer painters, Tran Tuan Long, Tran Dan and Chu Viet Cuong will be held at Art Talk Cafe. Tran Tuan Long, Tran Dan and Chu Viet Cuong are the lacquer painters who are consistently seeking and experimenting a new way to appreciate a contemporary art aspect of lacquer painting, beyond traditional/modern/commercial art. Their attempts are varied … [Read more...]

Event : New Form


Mai Gallery and Hanoi Sculptors request the honor of your presence to the opening of the Sculpture Exhibition. New Form Time: 18.00pm, 6th October 2012 Venue: ART TALK CAFE - 3rd Floor 12 Quan Su street, Hanoi Warmly welcome! The exhibition is opened until October 21, 2012. * There will be an Art Talk with the Sculptors of the show at 3 pm, October 13, 2012- Art Talk Cafe, 2nd Floor. Looking forward to seeing you! Featured sculptural works from "New Form" are listed below … [Read more...]

Artists create variations on ‘moving’ theme

A group of Vietnamese, French and Brazilian artists have gathered in Hanoi to display paintings, photos and multimedia installations that tell different stories of life and movement. The exhibition is the first result of Metropole Nomade, a project of the artist group Metrolop Artists in Paris (France). This year, the project takes place in Hanoi, attracting 15 artists: five from France, four from Brazil and six from Vietnam. The artists are free to create works on many subjects as long as … [Read more...]