Event: Exhibition “Little Flowers”

You are invited to "Little Flowers", a solo exhibition of mixed media paintings on Dó paper by Hanoi-based artist Nguyen The Hung. Hung's latest collection owes its title to the artist's first solo exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011, And Flowers Showered. Little Flowers, like the artist's earlier collection, is inspired by Osho's discourses on Zen Buddhism, but while the previous collection left large empty spaces in which floating sal or shala flowers showered from the sky, the newest … [Read more...]

Exhibition “And Flowers Showered”

Exhibition: 10 Jun - 08 Jul 2011 Art Vietnam, 7 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Hanoi You are invited to the exhibition "And Flowers Showered" of artist Nguyen The Hung. In this romantic outpouring of emotion, artist Nguyen The Hung uses the images of flowers, real, imagined, or newspaper composites of life cut into flower shapes, as a metaphor for the passion contained in all mankind. As the artist states: "My idea is to paint flowers flying the air, falling like rain from pregnant clouds or sentiment from … [Read more...]