Visions of Vietnam: the nation’s artists fuse eastern and western elements in lyrical compositions to be shown in London by Raquelle Azran gallery


Visions of Vietnam: the nation's artists fuse eastern and western elements in lyrical compositions to be shown in London by Raquelle Azran gallery, By James Brewer Vietnamese art, says Raquelle Azran, is defined by its brimming vitality, lush colours and directness, as well as by its poetic, dreamlike meditativeness. Raquelle - collector, museum curator and gallerist - is in her 11th consecutive year of exhibiting Vietnamese contemporary fine art in London. One of the first opportunities to … [Read more...]

Dinh Q. Le’s “Signs and Signals From the Periphery” at ASU Art Museum Proves That Art Is Everywhere

Dinh Q Le The Infrastructure of Nationalism I  2009

Art is art, no matter where you find it. Vietnamese-American artist/photographer Dinh Q. Lê has found it in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City (the city formerly known as Saigon), where he's lived and worked for the past 12 years. Lucky for us, ASU Art Museum has brought his most recent work to Arizona. Here, we can enjoy it without the imminent threat of being run over by the millions of overburdened bikes and motos that ply the streets there without any perceptible traffic signals to order the … [Read more...]

The Hong Kong Connection


VietNamNet Bridge - Even though Vietnam has developed a market for contemporary art, domestic galleries continue to invest in expensive Hong Kong exhibition space to show Vietnamese artworks. Cristina Nualart asks why this is happening and if it's a good thing. The people at the centre of this weren't alive when it all started. … [Read more...]

An exploration of HCMC Fine Arts Museum

HCMC Fine Arts Museum in District 1 - Photo: Ann Wheaton

VietNamNet Bridge - For those culture vultures interested in exploring Vietnam through its art there is no better place to start than the HCMC Museum of Fine Art, the major art museum in the city. Housed in a grand colonial era mansion built by a very wealthy Chinese trading family it is a fabulous mix of French and Chinese architecture. Unfortunately there is no written information available to the public at the museum but unearthing information about the architecture and its contents will … [Read more...]

Waiting to be waken up

Jean Francois Hubert, a French authority on Vietnamese art, asserted that the country’s art has great potential to thrive just like in its 1930s- 1980s heyday if there’s a competitive, booming local market for it. Hubert, who writes, lectures and holds exhibitions on Vietnamese art apart from assessing artworks’ authenticity for the Christie's Contemporary Art Auction Co., said Vietnamese art has had a strong foothold in France since the 1880s. As French people have tried to learn more … [Read more...]

A Fertile Imagination

One of Vietnam's best known sculptors, 77-year-old Le Cong Thanh creates striking images of the female form. "I sculpt statues of women because a woman's sexuality and body allow me to better understand the mysterious truth of life," explains Mr. Thanh. "Painting is a means of expression, as is a story's theme. All things have meaning, but there is only one purpose, the pursuit of beauty. While it strikes me that understanding the meaning behind Mr. Thanh's sensuous sculptures requires almost … [Read more...]

Bui Xuan Phai and Other Painters in Hanoi (2002)

One of the great painters in this century, the Vietnamese artist Bui Xuan Phai passed away eleven years ago. He lived his life in poverty, and his talent was mostly disregarded by his contemporaries. He has gained a lot of recognition however, after his death – and so has thousands of artists who live in Hanoi, the vibrant art capital of Asia. On 23rd June 1988 in the evening, Bui Xuan Phai painted a small, charming self-portrait and wrote underneath it: " The most important thing is now to … [Read more...]

A Woman Artist’s Paintings

TRAN THI THU HA is the first artist with 30 paintings to be exhibited in the brand new H&S Art Gallery located in the very heart of Brussels antiques and fine arts shops (41/43 Rue Blaes, near place de La Chapelle). This new gallery is dedicated to Vietnamese artists only to enable Brussels residents and European Union citizens living in Brussels to discover the quality and the variety of talents in the contemporary Vietnamese painting. So on purpose, we started with Tran Thi Thu Ha … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Art Scene – Anthropologist’s View

June 2001 Distinguishing Distinctions: How to compare different sets of criteria from Vietnam to France? In what way can we use anthropology to understand the various mechanisms within the thoroughly specialised art worlds, where art historians, politicians, sociologists and philosophers have ruled the ground for so long? Is it possible for us to contribute in the understanding of such an well-analysed institution? My answer is that our method of comparison between different art worlds … [Read more...]

In the shadows of Hanoi

In the cultural history of Vietnam, Hanoi has traditionally wielded inspiration for artists, crystallized in a strange mixture of its own rich Vietnamese heritage and the French colonial past, whose convergence reflects a unique aesthetic and temporal collision course within the country’s contemporary art history. Although the charm of Hanoi’s landscape has allowed numerous artists to borrow freely from its picturesque language that has contributed to a strong intellectual life, few artists … [Read more...]