Tran Tuyet Mai

Artists Tran Tuyet Mai Tran Tuyet-Mai must be one of the most self-effacing artists in Hanoi. While many cannot stop boasting about their work, she doesn't even show her work that often. She lives quietly in a small flat on the grounds of the School of Fine Arts, where she is a professor. It is there that she is passing on to a younger generation the craft, and love, of Vietnamese traditional woodcut. The Vietnamese woodblock craft is not as developed as Japanese or Western printmaking. But … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Art Scene – Anthropologist’s View

June 2001 Distinguishing Distinctions: How to compare different sets of criteria from Vietnam to France? In what way can we use anthropology to understand the various mechanisms within the thoroughly specialised art worlds, where art historians, politicians, sociologists and philosophers have ruled the ground for so long? Is it possible for us to contribute in the understanding of such an well-analysed institution? My answer is that our method of comparison between different art worlds … [Read more...]

Truong Dinh Hao

Hao was born in Hanoi in 1937 and currently lives and works in the province of Ha Bac in the northern part of Vietnam. A native of Hanoi, he graduated from the Hanoi School of Fine Arts in the 1960's. This talented artist has been celebrated for his unique child-like gouaches of buffaloes, rendered with bold strokes and vibrant colors on textured paper. He is also known for his paintings of folkloric scenes, many with striking colors. He didn't start painting again until 1982 when he had the … [Read more...]

Cong Kim Hoa – The colors between the lines

Cong Kim Hoa’s revisiting of the language of expressionism juxtaposed with the disquieting potential of surprise draws together threads from a wealth of traditions. It is her superlative artistic sense that represents an important strength of her Vietnamese heritage. Hoa’s unique artistic manner, studded with icons of identity and place, is instantly recognizable. But while her work has captured acclaim and the popular imagination, it also sits uneasily with the stereotypical notions of … [Read more...]

Le Thiet Cuong


Le Thiet Cuong was born in 1962 in Hanoi. His father, Le Nguyen, was a well respected film playwright, scriptwriter and poet and his mother, Do Phuong Thao was a famous cinematographer. As a young child, Cuong moved with his family to Binh Da village, where they escaped the American bombing of Hanoi. Cuong attended the Vietnam State Film College from 1985 - 1990 and graduated with a degree in set design and animation. Cuong began to study Tay Tang Buddhism (a Tibetan sect) after his … [Read more...]

Dinh Y Nhi & Le Thiet Cuong


Dinh Y Nhi is widely recognised as one of the few female artists in Vietnam to have acquired a reputation that extends beyond the bounds of her country. Born in Hanoi in 1967, Nhi studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hanoi to graduate as a professional artist in 1989, although she began painting when she was just 14 years old, initially being taught by her parents. Largely influenced by Asian Art rather than western art, she cites Chinese calligraphy and African Art as being primary … [Read more...]

Les demoiselles de la guere

BUILDING SITE (homage to Dali), 271x534 Oil on canvas, 2011  BUILDING SITE (homage to Dali), 271x534 Oil on canvas, 2011  BUILDING SITE (homage to Dali), 271x534 Oil on canvas, 2011

Marc Wellmann Vietnamese ar tist Nguyen Xuan Huy, born in Hanoi in 1976, first came to Germany in 1994 to continue the study of architecture which he had begun two years earlier. His mother has lived in Germany since the mid eighties —— like so many of her fellow countrymen at the invitation of the “socialist brotherland” the German Democratic Republic. As a result of some confusion regarding his visa, Nguyen’s relocation to Germany was suspended for some months at the behest of the German … [Read more...]

Artist Tran Van Can


An exhibition show-casing unpublished artworks by one of the most beloved sons of Vietnamese fine arts, Tran Van Can, opened on Wednesday at the Museum of Fine Arts. The exposition, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the death of the renowned veteran painter, introduces more than 100 of his pieces presented in various materials including lacquer, oil, silk, wood carving and sketching. Organizers from the museum promise the majority of the artworks on display have never been seen by the … [Read more...]

Painter Van Duong Thanh – Ambassador of Vietnamese Culture

Van Duong Thanh

Painter Van Duong Thanh – Ambassador of Vietnamese Culture Through 20 years of living far from the homeland, the nostalgia always wells up in the heart of painter Van Duong Thanh. In recent years, she has returned to Vietnam many times to establish painting studios and hold exhibitions. Van Duong Thanh was born in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen Province and grew up in Hanoi. She started engaging in painting when she was very small and at the age of seven she was creating paintings for her father. Four … [Read more...]

”For me Simplicity is importance”

Beauty in Kimono

Leids Dagblad 4-3-1998 Vietnamese artist Dang Duong Bang at Gallery Amber Leiden, The Netherland ”For me Simplicity is importance"  Leiden. Cees Van Hoore. (Translation from Dutch to English by Dr. E.M.J. Jaspars, Leiden Chemistry Institute, LeidenUniversity, Leiden, the Netherlands) The Vietnamese painter Dang Doung Bang makes an ageless impression. ”For ever young”, but without that touch of sickness that sticks to this expression. Yet Bang has quite some experiences behind him. … [Read more...]