Hanoiologist receives “Bui Xuan Phai-Love for Hanoi” award 2014

Hanoiologist and Han-Nom researcher Han Nom Vu Tuan San (C ) was honored with the "Bui Xuan Phai- Love for Hanoi" award 2014. (Photo: Sggp)

Hanoiologist and Han-Nom researcher Vu Tuan San was honored for his great contributions to the city of Hanoi with the "Bui Xuan Phai- Love for Hanoi" grand award in the capital on August 28. He is acknowledged as a founding father of the research on Thang Long-Hanoi. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese art introduced in London

An exhibition of paintings of Vietnam, collected by US collector Raquelle Azran, is on display at the ongoing Affordable Art Fair in London, where it has attracted the interest of many visitors. Raquelle began her collection of Vietnamese works when she set foot in the country for the first time in 1991. During the last 20 years, she has gathered a collection boasting hundreds of paintings by many famous Vietnamese artists. She started to introduce her collection to the British people in 2002, … [Read more...]

Vietnam’s most valuable paintings

VietNamNet Bridge – A list of Vietnamese artists that have created the most valuable paintings sold internationally. Le Pho (1907-2001) Le Pho settled in France in 1937 and spent the remaining years of his life there. However, his paintings depict the scenery of Vietnam, family settings and portraits of women in ao dai. They often evoke the influence of post impressionism. In September 1993, Le Pho gave Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 20 of his paintings. The Purple … [Read more...]

Traditional Tet Paintings – Dong Ho Prints


You may have seen them before. They adorn the walls of Vietnamese restaurants everywhere in the world, there may be one hiding by the cash register at the neighborhood Vietnamese business, your Vietnamese friends hang them up as Lunar New Year approaches. In Vietnam , production of these folk paintings peaks right before Tet as merchants stock up in anticipation of heavy customer demand. These paintings are traditionally used to decorate homes for the New Year festival. … [Read more...]

Book on contemporary art scene


An English book titled Vietnamese Contemporary Art by two Ha Noi-based critics has been published by the Tri Thuc (Knowledge) Publishing House. The book is the first of its kind and features Vietnamese contemporary art including installation, performance art, pop-art, video-art and digital-art from the 1990-2010 period. The work by authors Bui Nhu Huong and Pham Trung received financial support from the Viet Nam-Denmark Cultural Development and Exchange Fund, and will be launched at Cafe … [Read more...]

From nostalgia towards exploration: essays on contemporary art in Vietnam

from nostalgia

Author: Natalia KRAEVSKAIA Contemporary art in Vietnam, beginning from the early 90's, experienced a tremendous transformation. The opening of a political space stimulated the emergence of new art forms, stylistic diversity, and a general activation of the art scene. This book offers the reader a view into this dramatic period of growth in the visual arts in Vietnam. The essays include investigations into subjects such as how art changes in a time of transition, the influence of market … [Read more...]

A turning point for Vietnam’s contemporary sculpture


By Nguyen Quan - Hochiminh City, 06/ 1998 This question is often raised: Where is Vietnamese contemporary sculpture? Does it actually exit? Truly, with 200 painting exhibitions annually held at home and tens of arts display abroad, hundreds of galleries of all kinds mushrooming in towns and cities, and the preponderance of painting even in museums and art collections and its boom during the recent decade, such a question about sculpture - painting’s Fellow art - sounds quite … [Read more...]

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Oc-Eo Art – Contemporary and Modern Fine Art


Welcome to something different - discover some of the most exciting artists in the world! Welcome to Oc-Eo Art on-line gallery. … [Read more...]

Crossing cultural boundaries

from Impressions and Expressions - Vietnamese Contemporary Painting The origin of artistic visual expression in Vietnam, a hybrid like its Southeast Asian neighbours, can be traced back to its 2,500-year-old culture that started in the Neolithic Age and steadily developed until the end of the Iron Age when Chinese invaders entered from the north. By the second century BC, foreign influences started to infiltrate into the Dong Son civilization that is widely believed to have originated in … [Read more...]

Marvelous Metaphors: Vietnamese American Art in Orange County

Trịnh Mai

Marvelous Metaphors Invites Audience's Interpretations By Cara Le Picture a table lamp in your head. What sort of words come to mind? Home décor, light, luminescence, perhaps even the Enlightenment… Our minds are constantly filing concepts, sorting them by context and content. In the technological world, databases are created using this approach; it's called metadata. In poetry, tangible objects are used to relate to the intangible; this is called a metaphor. Thuy N. D. Tran, the guest … [Read more...]