Dao Hai Phong’s paintings on display in Thailand

Artist Dao Hai Phong.

VietNamNet Bridge - The art exhibition "Gems of Hanoi - a Dao Hai Phong Retrospective" with oil paintings by well-known painter Dao Hai Phong will be held at Thavibu Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand from January 17 to February 15. Regarded as one of Vietnam's most successful painters that emerged after Doi Moi (Renovation), Phong, 45, has exhibited extensively since 1992 in Vietnam as well as abroad. … [Read more...]

Paralyzed Vietnamese veteran creates stunning artwork with mouth


A Vietnamese man, who became disabled after a traffic accident, has opened a new page in his life thanks to his profound passion for painting, which has helped him become a "mouth-painting" artist. Do Minh Tam, who was born in the north-central province of Thanh Hoa in 1973, was in the navy before moving to Ho Chi Minh City where he worked many different jobs to earn a living, newswire Vietnamplus reported. In 2001, Tam was in a traffic accident which not only destroyed his dreams of buying a … [Read more...]

A painter who ‘picks up pebbles’ of life

VietNamNet Bridge - Le Tri Dung's horses have acquired human dimensions and emotions, and the painter turns writer as he listens to them intently, filling up page after page, writes Cao Minh. A work by painter Le Tri Dung. Le Tri Dung is both a renowned painter who specialises in painting horses and an author recognised for deep musings that are encapsulated in three books. Dung's studio is filled with large oil paintings of horses viewed from different angles, as well as paintbrushes and … [Read more...]

Dinh Q. Le’s “Signs and Signals From the Periphery” at ASU Art Museum Proves That Art Is Everywhere

Dinh Q Le The Infrastructure of Nationalism I  2009

Art is art, no matter where you find it. Vietnamese-American artist/photographer Dinh Q. Lê has found it in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City (the city formerly known as Saigon), where he's lived and worked for the past 12 years. Lucky for us, ASU Art Museum has brought his most recent work to Arizona. Here, we can enjoy it without the imminent threat of being run over by the millions of overburdened bikes and motos that ply the streets there without any perceptible traffic signals to order the … [Read more...]

Luong Xuan Nhi’s paintings of Vietnamese women

Luong Xuan Nhi's paintings of Vietnamese women

In celebration of Vietnamese Women's Day, VX Art Gallery is glad to introduce some invaluable paintings of women by renowned artist Luong Xuan Nhi. Women's images in Luong Xuan Nhi's painting are diverse. The characters include poor girls and old people who earn their living on the streets. Hanoi's women are often appeared in his paintings. He has hundreds of paintings on Hanoi's women. (from Nhan Dan Newspaper ). Read more : Women, the symbol of beauty in Luong Xuan Nhi's … [Read more...]

Local artist Tran Luong receives 2014 Prince Claus Award

My Tran Artist and curator Tran Luong is one of the laureates together with Principal Prince Claus Laureate winner Abel Rodríguez from Colombia and other artists from India, Peru, Turkey, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia and Nigeria. Tran Luong is honored for his moving artworks that critique repression, emphasize human resilience and empower the individual through personal action and self-reflection as well as for his dedicated energy in developing spaces, initiatives, … [Read more...]

Portrait painter overcomes disability

More than talent: Chu Vinh Duc is patient and determined, qualities that helped him achieve fame.

VietNamNet Bridge - Despite suffering from a physical handicap, Chu Vinh Duc found success as a portrait painter. His proudest moment: painting a portrait of General Giap, which the general later signed. On his wheelchair, Chu Vinh Duc, 35, moves around his small room worrying about his paintings, mixing colours, taking papers, framing his paintings and talking with his customers. … [Read more...]

Photos: The painter who wields a brush in his mouth


VietNamNet Bridge - After an accident in 1991 that left Do Minh Tam a quadriplegic, he began painting with a brush in his mouth. He has since sold many paintings, which are priced from hundreds to thousands of US dollars. Tam is now one of Vietnam's most notable artists. His contemporaries not only appreciate his triumph over such a severe disability, but also his sophisticated and creative paintings. … [Read more...]

French expert highly regards Vietnamese art

Jean François Hubert, a French senior expert of leading auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's, ranks Vietnam’s paintings from the 1930s-1980s above those of other Asian countries. He also has a high opinion of the country’s art today. Hubert, a leading authority on Vietnamese art at two world-famous auction houses, shared that he loves  Vietnamese paintings mostly for their simplicity. The country’s art was at its prime from 1930 to 1980 and boasted several revered artists, including Le … [Read more...]

La Huy’s house of wax

VietNamNet Bridge – Saigon-based contemporary artist La Huy believes his journey towards wax was fate as he enters a period in his art career with an urge to recall his nostalgia for past memories and notions on spiritual belief. He is even on a road to explore himself, the reality and the world around him by making sculptures and installations with wax material.   La Huy creates a sculptured- wax monk vest in his studio in Tan Binh District. After the … [Read more...]